sleep/wake problem

  1. modsuperstar

    MSI GL72M-7RDX post install issues

    I have successfully installed High Sierra on my MSI GL72M-7RDX, but I've seemingly stalled out on making progress on a few of the issues. I have some previous experience with Hackintosh builds, but this is the first that's seemingly a bit of a stretch compatibility-wise. I found a thread with a...
  2. wowoowowo

    [Solved] When computer sleeps I cannot wake it up

    Hello, whenever my hackintosh starts sleeping I cannot wake it up via power button, keyboard or mouse
  3. herzberger

    Need help with debugging High Sierra boot issues

    I updated to High Sierra two weeks ago and am facing a boot issue since then. - If I start the machine after complete shut down, it hangs on the grey logo screen and I have to power it off with the on/off button - After hanging at the grey logo screen 2 times, it successfully boots on the third...
  4. Squarq

    UX305UA Minor Glitches (graphic glitches, trackpad, sleep)

    I've got my laptop hackintosh'd w/ sierra but I've got some minor glitches still. There are two main ones, the graphics gltiching out and the trackpad options resetting. I've included my config.plist and dsdt's linked if anybody needs those. Graphics: So I've got Intel-HD520 inside, and...
  5. malikmanson

    Crash and reboot after every sleep/wake on El capitan

    hello After I upgrade yosemite to el capitan everything works very well except when I sleep/wake my laptop works fine for few seconds and sadunly black screen and reboot when I lock on the crash report the threat is every times different "BSD process name corresponding to current thread...