sleep issues

  1. ChickenMcDerps

    Mojave Sleep Issues (9900k / RX580)

    Hey there guys, I've been reading around a lot lately trying to solve issue that I have been having with my Hackintosh system properly going to sleep and getting back into the OS after sleep. Typically, when I press "sleep" it will go to sleep after about 5 minutes. Then when I try and wake...
  2. jeremygardnm

    sleep problems El capitan

    Hi My HP Probook 4530S worked perfectly in mavericks with both chameleon and clover boot loaders and with yosemite and the clover boot loader. Now with El capitan, it won't stay asleep. It goes through a number of start-sleep cycles and then reboots. Does anyone know a fix for this? Best
  3. Bengordon

    Hackintosh does not wake up from sleep

    Here are my specs- intel i5 3570k gigabyte ga-z77-ds3h 1 tb hard drive GTX 650 Ti Boost 2Gb SC The sleep worked fine when i was running the intel hd 4000 graphics but when I installed my graphics card it no longer works. Everything else works great its just after I put it to sleep I have to...