1. UnChavoSin8

    I'm new at this, is about my PC

    Hi, my PC is: CPU: Pentium G4400 SkyLake GPU: GT 1030 I want to have Mac OS High Sierra or Mojave, but my CPU is not supported... ¿How I can install this OS in my PC? And can give me a link to a video explaining how to install it? I don't have another Mac, My processor is not supported, and I...
  2. Avallon

    [Solved] "Block" sign when installing High Sierra - Asrock Fatal1ty H170 performance

    Hi All, I've been struggling to install High Sierra on my "old" machine. Specs: Arock H170 Performance 8gb RAM GTX 1080ti i5-6600 Skylake 2x SSD SATA 3 (Samsung and Crucial) Bios changes (after reset to default): XHCI Handoff: enabled VT-d: Disabled Serial Port: Disabled Secure Boot: Disabled...
  3. Clayf700

    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic after Upgrade

    My Situation: After updating to High Sierra 10.13.4 from Sierra, I keep running into a kernel panic on boot. I can still boot to macOS with safe boot, but no luck without the -x flag. My limitations: • I can't access my boot drive's EFI partition when in safe boot. • What I can do is access my...
  4. Enigmactic

    14.2 vs 17,1 — NVidia

    I am deciding whether to go with 14.2 or 17,1. I had settled on 17,1, on the grounds that it reflected my hardware better, when I read, in jaymonkey’s post on iMessage, that your hardware choice should be a function of your video card. Is this a compromise, or does video card (NVidia — 14,2)...

    Workstation build: X299/Coffee Lake and 1080ti/Vega 64

    Hi everyone! I'm a Hackintosh user for several years and happy with my current stable, but old setup. It's time for an upgrade! After reading a lot on the forum for a few months I am still debating about my new setup. I am a beginning freelancer active in graphic design (interactive) and use my...
  6. ikyquocked

    El Capitan, HDMI & 2k, possible?

    Hello, Specs: i7-6700, GA-H270-HD3 (hdmi 1.4, vga, dvi outputs), HDMI 1.4 cable, DELL u2518d, os 10.11.6. I have a trouble. I bought a new monitor 2560x1440 (dp 1.2, hdmi 2.0) and connected by HDMI, and now it works only 1080 resolution by upscale. So, is it possible change to 1440? Or i need...
  7. showkingpup

    Post your Skylake i9 X series overclock settings and Geekbench results

    Hey Y’all, it would be interesting to see the i9 xtreme series builds Geenkbech results and overcloack settings.. post them here to inspire people..
  8. donald_jackson

    [Solved] Gigabyte X299 Ultra Gaming + 7900X + 1080ti can't reach installer

    Updated -> See below. All working. I apologise if this is already solved here but I can't find anywhere in the forum. I have a Gigabyte X299 Ultra Gaming with 7900X and GTX 1080 Ti, I can't get into the installer unfortunately, I have built many Hackintosh's but this may be my first failure :(...
  9. ikyquocked

    Version Os X for Skylake

    Hello, i7-6700 Gigabyte H270-HD3 16 GB RAM Samsung ssd 120gb Without graphic card I will work at Ableton, Lightroom/Photoshop and maybe Final Cut. Recommend me please, which version osx should i install? I look at Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra... System stability, speed and resources...
  10. Aitor0015

    Stuck X299 I7 7800x

    Hi dudes, I try install macOS Sierra 10.12.6 with the installation Guide from tonymacx86. ( But im Stuck on Boot Screen with Apple Logo and in verbose mode appears error (image attached)...
  11. magn2o

    [Success] GA-H170N-WIFI / Skylake 10.13 (High Sierra) Install

    Build Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI (rev 1.0) CPU: Intel Core i7-6700T RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4-2133 SSD: Intel SSD Pro 180GB (SSDSCKJF180A5) m.2 WiFi: Broadcom BCM94352Z Pictures Pictures can be seen in the album here. Notes Surprisingly, this build went...
  12. LaurenzM

    High Sierra Installer not booting after Clover Bootloader

    Hello everyone, yesterday i tried to install MacOS High Sierra on my new Crucial 240GB SSD. I prepared my 8GB USB 3.0 Stick on my 2017 iMac with Unibeast, Multibeast and Clover Bootloader and Configurator. I have to say that i'm absolutely new to Hackintoshing. I added an FakeSMC.kext into...
  13. imdinky

    [Solved] Skylake Build - MultiBeast Questions and Graphics Won't Update

    I managed to get my first install of High Sierra 10.13.3 onto a Skylake machine (see my specs below). I was a bit excited that I did it, and when I ran MultiBeast, I may have selected some incorrect options from the get-go, and I talk about more of that in the second paragraph. Anyways, I was...
  14. rtke333

    [HD 530] Not responding applications after sleep

    Hi! I'm facing a problem on my notebook. I have: Acer Aspire V 15 V5-591G-55TU Skylake-H PC-H i5-6300HQ - HD 530 - Skylake 4+4 GB DDR4 optimus GTX 950M (disabled) BRCM94352Z wifi Windows 8.1 & High Sierra 10.13.3 Natively sleep isn't working, there is a blank screen after sleep, so I used...
  15. BrightDiamante

    Will my configuration work with Sierra ?

    My full specs are CPU - i5-6500 GPU - Gtx 1060 MOBO - ASRock H170 PRO4 RAM - Crucial 16GB DDR4 2133 - CT2K8G4DFD8213 Do you think to install the latest firmware is possible with these specs?
  16. Docjos

    Hackintosh Sierra for my new build

    Hi all, I have recently upgraded my very old pc to a slightly newer pc build. I would really love to install Sierra on this newer build. Inside my PC are the following components: - Motherboard: MSI Z170A PC Mate - CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 (Skylake) - Cooler: NZXT Kraken x42 (Watercooling)...
  17. nagol68

    Lenovo y700

    Hello, I'm just coming back to the Hackintosh world. I have tried to installed OSX on a Windows PC many times, with no luck. Every time was a unsupported AMD CPU. Now im back, with a new computer. I have a Lenovo y700 with 16gb DDR4 RAM, i7-6700hq, 1TB HDD, 256SSD, and a 4k touchscreen. My...
  18. aakrit

    High Sierra Kernel Panic

    Hi, I am facing kernel panic while booting USB (to go to installer) of High Sierra. Please help. Thanks. Boot video:
  19. delicious

    NVIDIA 1080 4K display Black screen on wake from Sleep (iMac 17,1)

    EDIT: I no longer have the black screen problem, only the unresponsive keyboard. Hi, I'm using a brand new Asus Z170 pro gaming Wifi, i7 6700K and NVIDIA GTX 1080 with iMac 17,1 definition. I use it with an LG 4K monitor over Displayport. I can sleep no problem but on wake I see a backlit...
  20. Ryu

    ASUS Z170-A 6700K

    Hey could somebody help me get this High Sierra running? I keep getting the Stop Sign Error, I think its got something to do with the XHCI Handoff. Asus Bios version 3504 removed the option to disable/enable the option. Could someone send me a clover pre config for i7 6700k Skylake and 530...