skylake build

  1. surf3193

    Need help with patching a intel series 100/c230

    hello everyone I'm new to all Hackintosh, so decided to try to install one with the open core, successful install it but, I have a problem with USB of not type 3.1 on the pc and the system does not apply for the sound card on the motherboard, but the HDMI and do works fine, so if you can help...
  2. fr0nk

    SkyOC i5 6500 4.45Ghz

    Hello guys, i have installed Catalina on my: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7, bios 7d i5 6500 4.45 ghz with SkyOC function Corsair 16gb ddr4 3336mhz Asus rx 580 TOP Edition 8gb Everything works perfectly, but cpu Geekbench 5 score is lower than Windows score... I have to modify something?
  3. LouzerKnives

    FIX DSDT - RAID WINDOWS 10 NOT RECOGNIZE - High Sierra - MSI Gaming M7 Z170 - i7 6700k Skylake - MSI Gaming 4G GTX 970 - Help me

    Goodmorning everyone, I have problems with my new installation and I kindly ask for your help to complete: 1. The first concerns a BIOS configuration. I have two M2 SSDs in Raid for Windows 10. The SATA option on the BIOS is set to RAID and in this case CLOVER reads to me the Windows partition...
  4. MimiBoatino

    Stuck at “ please switch to xpc or bootstrap_check_in()”

    Hello, It’s my first time doing a hackintosh build. I’ve a Lenovo ideapad 110 151sk and I’m trying to install Mojave 10.14 on it through a vanilla installation using CLOVER. I made the bootable USB using 2014 MacBook Pro running Mojave. Downloaded the kexts using clover configurator ...
  5. redbearaz

    Help with API Error

    I finely finished my first Hackintosh build but have a error that is causing the Prohibitory symbol. My Hackintosh Build: Asus Ultra ATX Z170M-E D3 Intel Core i5 6600K 3.50 GHz Quad Core SkylakeGraphicsEVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB (Low Profile) Mushkin Enhanced ECO2 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3...
  6. phamtu24

    Sierra can only boot with HDMI

    Dell 5559 - I5 6200U skylake - Hd 520 - 1366x768 I have just used hotpatch to fix menu bar glitch and backlight. Now everything is OK if only i plug HDMI. When no HDMI plugged, Sierra won't boot and stuck like this after loading bar Please help, my EFI is attached below. Thanks!
  7. giftmusic

    step by step guide for the Skylake 7960X and Asus Deluxe X299?

    Does anyone have a updated step by step simple guide to install High Sierra on i9 Skylake X 7960x with an Asus x299 Deluxe motherboard? I found a great guide but a lot of the information is outdated. Maybe a video tutorial? Thanks...
  8. Szefo09

    Full Freezes on High Sierra when launching Youtube video.

    Hi, I am experiencing full Mac freezes when trying to watch youtube, at the beginning of a video. Have to hard reboot from that state. I am adding my config.plist. I assume it's connected to AppleALC and Lilu kexts, but I can't find any working configuration. I am still fighting with the OS to...
  9. Docjos

    Stuttering and wifi issues after install High Sierra

    Hi all, So I have created my first fully working hackintosh High Sierra using the Unibeast/Multibeast way. Almost everything is working, except for a few things: - Wifi is not working - browser is not smooth at all, lots of stuttering when scrolling and watching video's. - Very slow...
  10. cemotyz09

    [Solved] Gigabyte z170mx Gaming 5 + HS 10.13.1

    I've had a macOS install since Yosemite but when I updated from 10.13 to 10.13.1 I haven't been able to boot. Had no issues as far as I remember but this was 4 months ago and have only tried getting back to it. my clover folder is included, I've tried unibeast and I still can't boot. Can anyone...
  11. LaurenzM

    High Sierra Installer not booting after Clover Bootloader

    Hello everyone, yesterday i tried to install MacOS High Sierra on my new Crucial 240GB SSD. I prepared my 8GB USB 3.0 Stick on my 2017 iMac with Unibeast, Multibeast and Clover Bootloader and Configurator. I have to say that i'm absolutely new to Hackintoshing. I added an FakeSMC.kext into...
  12. imdinky

    [Solved] Skylake Build - MultiBeast Questions and Graphics Won't Update

    I managed to get my first install of High Sierra 10.13.3 onto a Skylake machine (see my specs below). I was a bit excited that I did it, and when I ran MultiBeast, I may have selected some incorrect options from the get-go, and I talk about more of that in the second paragraph. Anyways, I was...
  13. ashenjay

    HP ProDesk 600 G3 Sierra 10.12.6 Installation Guide

    HP Prodesk 600 G3 ——>>> (Skylake Build) Hackingtosh Sirerra Guide I dId try many times install hakingtosh on my new prodesk 600 g3 so finally I’m did ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— These are the my System Specs - Intel Core i5-6500 processor DDR4 8GB 2400Mhz...
  14. vaqasuddin

    Will that build support Hackintosh Sierra

    I am planning to buy this hardware for the purpose of installing hackintosh Sierra. My main purpose is to use xcode for iphone development as well as windows 10 as secondry. Can any one guide me this hardware will fulfill my requirements ? GIGABYTE B150M-D3H DDR4 ntel Core i3 7100 7th Gen...
  15. kill3r94

    First Build - Need Help with Post Installation - Thanks!

    Hello, This is my first hackintosh build and I'm having some issues with the post configuration. Below is a list of hardware as well as the process I took for installing Sierra. Thanks for your time! Hardware: Case: Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z270M-D3H -Audio: ACL892...
  16. blits

    Will it work with Sierra?

    Hello, everyone! I'm planning to migrate to macOS Sierra. Can anyone tell me should I try to install it? Config: CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-6500 Processor (Skylake) GPU: Asus GTX 1060 Processor Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 530 Motherboard: Asus B150-pro Lan: Realtek RTL8111GR Audio: Realtek ALC887...
  17. alez88

    Help with sleep issues. [Skylake]

    Hi, need help with sleep. My sistem sleep well (or i think so... all shut down and power led blinking) when i tried to wake it it reset , like i shutdown and power on . i'm reading a lot os cases similarly and i think that the problem was in my USB 3.1 chipset (asmedia) that can't wake or...
  18. PixelGeek

    Sierra Build Journey

    My first build. I used 10.12 install guide to start and there are a few things still not working. What's Not Working: Wifi HDMI Audio Bluetooth handoff, etc... Graphic glitches on menu bar Fullscreen video - pink hue over entire video Graphic glitches on Clover screen I've been reading like...
  19. inkoqnito

    [SOLVED] Memory not showing up correctly

    Hello everyone, I finally got my skylake rig to work correctly:D I just have one last problem and it is memory, i first only had half my memory show up so i used Clover configurator to manually put in my two memory sticks. I didnt know what to type in part though? But as you can see it know...
  20. carlosvpp

    Working Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI with NVidia 9 series

    This is my very concise guide of the steps I took to set up my system. If you need to know anything else, please feel free to ask. Setup: Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI Intel i7 32 Gb RAM 2400MHz DDR4 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4095MB Samsung M.2 SM951 (MZHPV256HDGL) SanDisk Ultra II 960 GB SanDisk Ultra II...