single user mode

  1. hamoja

    Clover: Single User Mode failure

    Hello, my machine was upgraded to Mojave 14.1 and now it keeps crashing due to a conflict with a kext file that was I added to the library extension folder to help troubleshooting USB and bluetooth. From clover I set the boot flag to "-s" but unfortunately the laptop (Lenovo x250) keeps...
  2. norwayRainyday

    [Solved] How to execute fsck command for another disk in single-user mode?

    Hi guys Bye defualt the command will be executed on the boot volume. Could you please help me to execute FSCK -FK on another disk/drive?
  3. tobyz

    HELP!!! installed wrong kext now system won't boot

    just built a hackintosh a few days ago and installed mavericks successfully everything was working fine besides the audio so i tried to install an audio driver from multi beast, i tried a lot of the options kept rebooting and nothing really went wrong and then i finally got the right driver and...