1. TripleYoThreat

    Monterey Apple Menu > Shutdown / Restart Instantly Restarts Computer

    Hi, hope you're well! I don't think this is an issue with the beta - or rather that, it's something that can be fixed via bootloader. Any ideas? Shutdown and reboot was working fine with 11.2.3 & 11.5 I'm sure someone else has seen this and has an idea or fix in mind! Thanks! Trip
  2. sgon00

    disk1 privilege violation, tx_flush failed, unmount failed, some errors during shutdown

    Hi, I made MacOS Big Sur manually by following opencore documentation. I am using FileVault option. (I think it made the MacOS partition as a APFS encrypted filesystem. By checking diskutil list, it's kinda complicated.) The system is working fine. With -v in boot-args, I can see many text...
  3. sgon00

    External USB Speaker keeps rebooting after MacOS shutdown

    Hi, I made MacOS Big Sur manually by following opencore documentation. I generated .aml files by using This is a NUC alike device. It does not have speaker built-in. Thus I am using an external USB speaker. After I shutdown the MacOS, everything seems fine except my USB Speaker...
  4. amsivi

    No sound and network after backup restore - please help

    I had a disk failure on my system disk macOS Mojave, luckily - I have a mirrored disk setup that I can restore from. When I restore from my mirrored SSD to the new system disk Samsung 970 Evo Pus M.2, Everything goes well and the system is restored with full functionality. But after...
  5. chuanfeng

    << Solved >> Auto shutdown when update Catalina 10.15.7 from 10.15.5

    [Solved] Finally, I succeed! What I do is use gibMacOS to download 10.15.7 and install. Hi, this is my info: Current: Catalina 10.15.5 OC: 0.6.4 CPU: i5-9400(no F) GPU: UHD-630 Motherboard: Gigabyte B365m Aorus Elite Problem: I download 10.15.7 from Sys Setting and install it. After reboot, I...
  6. woozaer

    << Solved >> Shutdown & Power Management don't work after Clover 5120+ & OCQuirks

    I need some help with shutdown and sleep that don't work anymore after I have updated Clover with the OCQuirks stuff. (so now I switched back to Clover 5119 and the good old OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi) I am pretty sure the problem is somehow casued by the "new" OCQuirks, since if I put back...
  7. uniqe15

    OpenCore restarts computer instead of shutting down

    Hello everyone, I recently switched to OpenCore 0.5.9 from Clover and while everything works perfectly (sensors, DRM and other stuff that did not work before) I can't understand why the computer restarts instead of shutting down.
  8. ritteraf

    Shutdown=Restart, Sleep=Restart - Power management issue? -pmset settings issue?

    Hello, As the title suggests, I'm struggling with both sleep and shutdown on my hackintosh. I've being researching this issue for the past few weeks in an attempt to fix. Here's what I've done so far: 1. ACPI -> FixShutdown: ticked this box, does nothing. 2. Configured USB ports: Ive properly...
  9. RowenDJ

    Auto ShutDown while sleeping

    Hello, I did a fresh install of Catalina 10.15.5 and everything works fine except two things. 1. Sometimes, while the PC is sleeping it auto restarts and shows the error attached in the post. (.txt). 2. When an external hard drive is plugged into mac it's difficult to recognize them...
  10. vigmo10

    My first hackintosh, won't shutdown only reboots.

    Hey guys, i did a clean install of Mojave, everything seems good but it does not shut down when I select shutdown, I read the forums and I tried making the slide 0 and adding emu file and removing the other memory one and also ticking fix shutdown in clover configurator boot menu. None of them...
  11. gperdigal

    << Solved >> Help to fix sleep & shutdown

    Hi there, I've been setting up my hackintosh for the last 3 days and I could say it's working on Catalina. The only thing that's annoying is when I need to put my machine in sleep mode or to shutdown it, the shutdown doesn't really works (if I press a key on my keyboard, it starts) and the...
  12. quartarolo

    Catalina can't Turn OFF

    Hello friends, I installed the catalina, but I can't turn off the computer. and as soon as I ask him to hang up he looks like he will hang up normally, but in the next second he calls again. I've tried to activate the fixetshutdow option, but it still doesn't work. can anybody help me...
  13. mister7000


    Hello everyone.. trying to get some help here. Usually when something brakes on the hackingtosh i am able to identify whats broken by the kernel panic error. This time around i Cant really see whats going on. I finally got around to updating my e6420 running Sierra to the 005 security update...
  14. Basneedshelp

    Your computer has been shutdown because of a problem

    Hi I just installed my Hackintosh and everything works perfectly fine except this annoying bug where it says my computer has been shutdown due to an error while it shutdown perfectly fine. I have no clue how to fix this yet. I have googled around a bit much most threads about this seems to have...
  15. Fadleyz

    Can't Shutdown | It'll restarting | Problem with kext

    Hello everyone, I have an issue with my Acer notebook. My device can't shutdown. It always back restarting. What I have to do is exit clover before my hackie booted, and press power button. In another time I run my hackie, it will appearing error report. So, in this moment I want you to help me...
  16. Andrea-Iannini

    Shutdown causes reboot (01/02/2020)

    I get this from the verbose mode. I suppose it's the wi-fi PCI-E card doing this but it worked fine for 1 year until two weeks ago. Build: High Sierra 10.13.6 CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz MOBO: Asrock Fatal1Ty H270 Performance GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 OC 2Gb Wi-Fi PCI-E: TP-Link...
  17. Phoenix83

    Impossible to shutdown Mojave. An infinite issue :-(

    Hello there! I know that hundreds of posts have been written about shutdown on Mojave. So, I'm re-opening this issue again, because, after having tried every single method/solution provided by @CaseySJ or @MACAK and read all the 512 posts. I followed word by word and double checked the Casey's...
  18. DevMau5

    Hackintosh Shutdown/Sleep/Reboot issue after bad usb contact

    Hi, Four months ago, I built an hackintosh with the following specs (From Buyer's guide advice) : - Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI as a MB - Intel Core i7-8700 - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GO (2*8GO) DDR4 3200MHZ - RX 580 Aorus - EVGA 650 GQ PSU - NZXT X42 cooling system - NZXT Mini ITX case H200i The Mini...
  19. dmsmith90

    << Solved >> Asus z390-A won't boot with USB Installer / Shut down / sleep issues

    I'm hoping to get some help with my first hackintosh build. With the help of pastrychef and a EFI folder he provided, I was able to get Mojave installed but I keep running into a few consistent errors. My last few days have been: I find a thread that's similar, try the suggestions, it works for...
  20. kuroo123

    Need help with Shutdown and remap Fn key problems on Vaio SVE!

    Hello everyone, I installed macOS Mojave on Sony VAIO SVE1513 laptop and almost got a hackintosh machine working property. But still have 2 problems which I can not solve by myself even after many times try to study, understand code of RehabMan guide. Problem 1: After shutdown laptop I have to...