shut down suddenly

  1. vagwada

    << Solved >> Black Screen The Shutdown After Installing Zotec Geforce 730

    I've been running this build for four years: - Asus X99 Pro USB 3.1 - Core i7 5820K - 128 GB DDR4 - OS X 10.12.6 I installed a Zotec Geforce 730 recently and after the clover menu, OS X boots, I see all of my peripherals light up, my audio interfaces connect, then I get a black screen, and...
  2. fercho3138

    Sudden Couldn't allocate runtime area

    Hi! So I've successfully built my rig and installed Mac os Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Intel Core i7 9700k Ballistix Sport 32gb Samsung evo 500gb nv Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse Corsair h60 The thing is that I got it running perfectly, even performed some heavy video renderings with no...
  3. KingBfire

    Asus Z370-A suddenly shutted down - won't boot anymore

    Hey lovely community members, Minutes ago I had a terrible experience that during my normal work with my hackintosh (simple browsing etc - no "stressful" usage for the computer) the computer suddenly shutted down without any warning. From this moment on, I cannot turn on the computer anymore. I...
  4. raydais

    Shut down unexpectedly

    My Hackintosh has been built up about three months, but it sometimes shut down unexpectedly. This time, I used Chrome to explore Facebook, and I wanted to upload a phone to on my facebook. But when I press the photos icon, the screen became black and restart again(Kernel Panic) . Show you have...