server desktop

  1. mark12

    Is intel server motherboard compatible with a hackintosh?

    Hi I would like to know if it would be possible to build a hackintosh on my intel server board S1200KP equip with an intel xeon e3-1245 (3.3 ghz), 16 gb of ram and integrated gpu. thanks
  2. arlisonsoares

    Hackintosh with two ethernet cards running

    Hi, I need a hackintosh that works with two network cards (RJ45), I know that the motherboard's network card already works which network card I can install to work at the same time, because I wanted to mount a server with a hackintosh with a linux virtual machine for firewall
  3. baaelectronics

    Onboard GPU glitch after turning monitor off

    On my machine with an i7-6700 in a GA-Z170-HD3 with HD 530 onboard graphics, after turning off my HDMI monitor and turning it back on moments later, the desktop does not reappear but instead shows scattered pieces of the mouse pointer on a black screen. Is there any way to fix this? It is set to...
  4. ranjithshegde

    Dual Xeon compatibility

    Greetings, I am planning to build a semi workstation for the purposes of chess analysis. My current plan is to have dual xeon e5 2670 (8 cores, 2.6ghz) on Asus Z9pa-D8 motherboard. I have not yet planned the other components. I already have two hack builds (1. i54460 on Ga Z97 HD3 and 2. i7...
  5. Pastlifeuknow

    Help for building a Storage Server

    I used word storage server because I want to avoid being suggested NAS products. I have yet to see a NAS that is extensible and cost effective enough for my current and future needs. Problem/Situation/Plea for help I want to build a extensible storage solution that I can easily upload and...
  6. Sandy7Kolluri

    Need Help to Build My First Hackintosh on a HP Proliant GL380 Gen5 Server

    Need Help to Build My First Hackintosh on a HP Proliant DL380 Gen5 Server Hai to all, I'm new to Hackintosh, I need your Help to Build My Hackintosh and It's Compatibility. I have HP Proliant DL380 Gen5 Server, Configuration is, Intel Xeon 5440 2.83GHz QuadCore (2CPU's) Total 8-Core 32GB of...