1. optiplexer990

    HW Sensor of Nvidia GT 710

    I have an Nvidia GT 710 which is supportet OOB. I've installed HWMonitor and see some CPU, SSD and other Tempratures, but not the GPU. How can I get the GPU-Temprature be shown in HWMonitor?
  2. douira

    HWMonitor reports 127°C for Vega 56 constantly

    I recently upgraded my graphics card to a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 Pulse 8GB and also updated to the Mojave 10.14.6. It works fine in general but I can't get any sensor readings from it. I have the following installed kexts: AppleALC.kext AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext FakeSMC_ACPISensors.kext...
  3. andrewleonard1693

    Case fan spins very slowly and sometimes stops completely

    Hey guys - So I have a NZXT s340 elite case and just bought and installed two Noctua case fans (both PWM - 1x120mm, 1x140mm) The 120mm exhaust fan works correctly in Windows so I know this is a macOS issue. As soon as I boot into macOS (past the clover boot menu) the fan gets very slow. Don't...
  4. dock1100

    Build Asus H370-I, 9600k Mojave. Issues with usb, HDMI, hibernation, sensors

    Hi, I am working on my build with the following config: ASUS ROG STRIX H370-I GAMING (onboard WiFi replaced with BCM94352, bios version 1404) Intel Core i5-9600K (in order to boot with this CPU, you must update bios to at least 0803 version) 2x Kingston 16 GB DDR4 2400Hz Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB...
  5. 20four80five

    [pls Delete] Weird Fan Speed Bug - HWSensors

  6. maxi322

    [Solved] FakeSMC Plugins don't work

    I updated to macOS 10.13.2 without any hustle pretty much. After that I updated my FakeSMC and Plugins to the latest Version and the Sensors do not work anymore (no temp or frequency readout). BTW I have all my kexts installed in /Library/Extentions. The older version of FakeSMC and Plugins were...
  7. yceballost

    [Solved] Sensors (GPU / CPU ...)

    Hi! I have a problem showing the temperature of my sensors. I was trying to solve by a lot of ways (RehabMan, kozlek, ...) but I can't. Can anyone help me? SO: Sierra 10.12.5 GPU: Gigabyte 1080 When I tried to install some of theses Kexts, the kernel boot appears :( Extraball: Fakesmc kext...
  8. JCMunsonII

    Proper kexts for Pascal support, etc.

    Greetings! I'll be installing an nVidia EVGA 1070 FTW2 card in a couple days and want to make sure I have the proper sensor kexts in place so I don't get a lockup (or cause myself an issue). To that end, are the sensor kexts @RehabMan 's modded (I have them as 6.25-332-gf3a8525c.1758) newer...
  9. remuslord

    How do you get Pascal sensors to work?

    I've tried to reinstall the latest HWSensors and HWMonitor, but nothing helps. Cant get a reading on the GPU fan or the temp. Drivers work fine... Thank you!! Running on a Gainward GTX 1080 GLH
  10. gooberstank

    Almost no data in HWMonitor

    Hi, My i7-7700 and GTX1080 system seems pretty stable running on an Asus H110M-R motherboard so I'm happy, but a little concerned why HWMonitor or any other software isn't seeing much sensor data at all. Seems like it's only getting info from my two SSDs. Any ideas what could be causing it...
  11. Pineapple68

    Proximity sensor or accelerometer like Mac Pro 2013 [help with this idea]

    I want emulate the illumination behaviour seen in Mac Pro 6.1: when you hold or move the case - tipically to connect a thunderbolt cable - a light switch on, aiding in helping to find the connector in the darkness. The effect it's futuristic, and as extra should fine obtain a fade effect. I...
  12. Haravikk

    HW Sensors (Fan Speed, Temperature etc.)

    So I've updated from a Yosemite installation in which most hardware sensors were working for temperature, fan speed etc. As part of the update I decided to remove my quite old version of FakeSMC and its sensors, and use the option provided by MultiBeast to install an updated version. However...
  13. mikolajfigura

    HWmonitor ruined my installation. Need FakeSMC recovery?

    Hello for all Hackintosh users. A few weeks ago I did my first Hackintosh installation by Clover and managed without any problems. Everything worked perfectly. The system was faster than the latest iMac 27" Retina. :headbang:Thanks for the enormous dose of knowledge I have found in your guides...
  14. kosakgroove

    Laptop sensors

    Hi great users of this forum I have a big doubt regarding my laptops sensors. I am currently using HWMonitor in OSX 10.11.3, which as you know, in conjunction with FakeSMC kext and with FakeSMC_sensors kexts gives a lot of info about your build. I am using FakeSMC_ACPISensors kext and...