1. darkyto

    Can't update catalina 10.15.7 security update

    hi guys, 2 weeks ago i upgraded from mojave to catalina, i upgraded directly to 10.15.7 but right now i get an update in the control panel, which never ends. When I click on update, the computer restarts but does not enter any installation. somebody could help me?? is it a disk permission...
  2. marcosdipaolo

    Security Update 2018-006 Sierra

    I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, in case it isn't please feel free t move it. My Hack is asking me to update this security update '2018-006 security update' together with Safari 12.0.2. Last time i went for a system update some kexts were blown up and i couldn't boot until some...
  3. LeJokar


    I just encountered a strange Error, that bugged me yesterday. The back story: My initial plan was to update my existing Hackintosh (Triple Boot with Ubuntu, Windows 10 and El Capitan) to High Sierra. I had several minor errors while updating, but in the end my Hackintosh was stable and running...
  4. Cclown98

    [Solved] HELP 10.13.2 Files for researching

    Hello guys, I'm an informatics sciences student focusing on security I need a big favor, if anybody is still on 10.13.2 I need some files, I'll really appreciate your help. I need a copy of /System/Library/Extensions/Sandbox.kext and /System/Library/Kernels/kernel in a compressed folder, thank...
  5. donwan2work

    HELP... HP 8300 BIOS Secure Boot Configuration

    Hi all, HP 8300 Elite SFF Updated Bios to v03.06 SECURITY -> SECURE BOOT CONFIGURATION -> Legacy Support I'm a newbie, can someone explain why there is any need to disable Legacy Support at all? Thanks
  6. vinnya

    Blocked By Current Security Policy

    Hey all, New to TonyMacx, just bought a Lenovo 14' Ideapad, looking to turn it into a Hackintosh. I have a friend whose built tons of Hackintoshes and he gave me his USB installer for Sierra. For some reason I can't get passed the security policy, tried a bunch of different options in the BIOS...
  7. vulgo

    Major 10.13.1 bug discovered - root without password

    After storing encryption passwords in plain text in a previous release a newly discovered issue in High Sierra means the root account is apparently enabled without a password having been set. Read about it here: Apple...
  8. JCMunsonII

    Report: Macs Vulnerable to Attack Through Firmware Weaknesses

    Greetings! Interesting article on HS & malware: Enjoy!
  9. prestosmith

    Should we be concerned about the weekly security check on EFI?

    I was just reading up on High Sierra prior to updating. I found this article which noted a weekly security check on EFI that comes with the upgrade. I have seen a few mentions here and there in the forum about this topic, but no thread directly pointing to the topic. If there is already a...
  10. BlowPop

    Hackintosh Security

    Hi All -- First post ever! I've been reading this forum for many months and planning to dive into a hackintosh for a while. Will probably pull the trigger later this year after I see how High Sierra / X299 / iMac Pro shake out. In the meantime, I'm on my trusty 2008 Mac Pro that I swear has...
  11. Ozgur

    iCloud account locked and reset password. Again and again...

    Hello, I've been having a very worrisome problem ever since I upgraded my OS to mac Sierra. So far 4 times out of 20-30 logins to my OS a security warning pops up saying that my icloud account has been locked for security reason and asking me to change my password. (I'm running out of new...
  12. eadavies

    Latest Yosemite Security Update 10.10.5 breaks NVIDIA Web Drivers for GTX 950

    This morning I updated my hackintosh to the latest Yosemite Version (usually when I do this the only negative aspect is having to reinstall audio drivers with multibeast), On this occasion the web drivers I was using which are 346.02.03f08 for build 14F1909 have now become unsupported. My build...
  13. mrmondo

    What is the state of Filevault on Yosemite?

    Hi all, I'm considering coming back to OSX86 after a few years however one constraint for me is to have full disk encryption. I currently use Filevault (2) on my MBP and am wondering if it works with OSX86 builds? Thanks in advance.
  14. DrNot

    Enable SSD Trim on Yosemite Mac Mini late 2012

    I have a Mac Mini (L2012) and want to get a Samsung 850 SSD drive which Mex controller uses Trim. What are my best/safest options? I would rather not disable Apple Kext security and would prefer also not have any issues when updating OS (such as can't load OS) in case I forget or Yosemite...
  15. Gutz_Otoole

    WireLurker Malware: What Countermeasures Have You Taken?

    If you haven't heard about WireLurker visit I'm interested in the consensus regarding OS X anti-virus and anti-malware utilities. When I got my first rig up and running I installed ClamXav because I was...
  16. untergeek

    Yosemite XPC machine-level security? Cannot connect from MBA to hackintosh

    Has anyone seen this and does anyone know what it is? I have a 13" MBA and 2 nearly identical hackintoshes. I cannot connect from the MBA to the hackintoshes or vice versa. The ports are all open, and I can connect from Linux machines, just not Macs/Hackintoshes. To reiterate, I can connect...
  17. Tiuno


    Hi guys, just sharing about the shellsock bug. I've been wondering when is Appel going to release a fix for that bug. In short for the peolple that don't know about that critical bug, it's a problem within the Bash interpreter program. What happens is that the interpreter still parses past the...
  18. kraftyxkrn

    Security update 2014-003 cannot be installed... Help!

    Hey everyone! I need some help and was hoping the community can help me out on my issue. For a while now, I have been trying to download some updates through the App Store on my Mountain Lion OSX version 10.8.5. There are 4 updates on my computer that needs to be downloaded but will not let...
  19. SamSax

    File-sharing between MacPro & Hackintosh - no authentication prompt when iCloud enabled

    File sharing between MacPro & Hackintosh - no authentication prompt when iCloud enabled One of the more puzzling issues I uncovered while testing my newly built Hackintosh has me a bit concerned regarding security. When I initiate Apple Share AFP connections from my 2008 Mac Pro to my newly...
  20. raintoad

    Securing your hackintosh

    I posted an article how to make your hackintosh secure despite not having access to FileVault2. let me know what you think