1. Delindre

    USB SD Card Reader Catalina 10.15.3

    config: MSI Gl62 6QF ddr4 16 GB cpu I5 6300 ssd 250 g + M2 128 GB Catalina 10.15.3 Hi guys I'm here to get help. I have a Realtek Semiconductor Corp. sd card reader which is recognized in Hardware USB 2.0CRW. However, the card reader in system info does not see it. I tried : the Kext...
  2. cci[RR]us

    Does your built-in SDcard reader work?

    Hi, I have a 4540S with 10.9.2 installed (followed the HP Installer guide), and everything works fine except for the front-left SDcard reader. It doesn't detect my cards, both types - SD and SDHC. I know I could simply use a USB card reader, but being able to use the built-in reader would be...
  3. aphixe

    Asus G74SX near perfect, but two issues. bonus special issue.

    Asus G74SX near perfect, *edit, only SD-Card issue My hackintosh feels near, complete, there is a few issues, I have yet to solve. I have the Asus G74sx-BK11, which originally had another wifi, that works. everything almost works. Here is my 2 issues, +bonus non special issue. (Solved it...