sd card

  1. brianwong11031

    [HELP][Internal sd card reader not working and no HDMI audio]

    My hackintosh laptop has no HDMI audio. and my internal sd card reader not working too. and one more problem is my laptop cannot wake up from sleep. Here is the problem reporting file:
  2. WimEssers

    Internal SD Card reader Drivers

    Dear readers. My Hack is running great. Only thing I can't get to work is my Akasa AK-HC-07BK USB 3 Card reader and hub. The USB 3 Hub works ok but I can't find any generic Card reader driver kext. I heard old Realtek drivers might work but can't seem to find them anywhere. Anybody has a...
  3. HamburgJD

    USB 3.0 External SD Card Reader

    Hey guys, i fixed my USB 3.0 problem and the slots seem to work now with usb sticks and hdd's. Unfortunatly, my external SD card reader with USB 3.0 only works on USB2.0 Slots and not on the 3.0 ones. Due to my work i need a better speed for my SD card and i would like to ask you if there is...
  4. yesyesyall

    SDXC Cards not mounting via USB adapter "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer"

    Hi all, Looking for help to be able to read my SDXC cards again using my build, I need to import and edit photos I take for work. Yosemite has suddenly stopped mounting my camera's exFAT formatted SD cards. It used to work flawlessly. Background: I've had my hackintosh build running for the...
  5. NickOglet

    Internal SD card reader?

    Hi, I was wondering if its possible to get my internal card reader (SD slot) to work I believe it's a RealTek Semiconductor RTS5229 based on my HWiNFO report. I'm currently on 10.11.5 running smoothly with all parts working expect my SD slot. I'm not sure if this is the right section. Sorry if...
  6. cL0uD

    Asus ux305 & Transcend JetDrive Lite compatibility

    Looking for ways to expand my laptop's storage with an SD card, but failing to find any info on this matter. So far decided that Transcend JetDrive Lite is the best thing there is, but I have no idea how to find out which one will fit in Asus ux305 SD card slot as they are all designed for those...
  7. jared1016

    DELL XPS M1330 Hackintosh (PLEASE READ!)

    Hey everyone! I want to hackintosh my Dell XPS m1330 I already know its compatible, (The only real downfall is a kernal panic on shutdown, or restart.. or so i've heard) the reason i come here is because this is all I have to hackintosh A USB Stick 2GB A 8GB SD Card A DVD W/ OSX Snow...
  8. benzebulth

    HP ProBook 6460b SD Card Not Working !!!!

    hi i'm running Mavericks on my Probook 6460b, all work great with PBI. I'm using Chameleon r2377 for boot but my SD card steal not work and it is a big problem for me cause i'm working a lot with SD Card. In System Information, in Card Reader i have nothing It's weird cause in DPCIManager...
  9. lightninginajar

    mavericks on sd card

    I'm planning to use a 16GB SD card for the primary drive for mavericks as my third or fourth boot option. first being windows 7, second Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS third being either mavericks or Darwin OS and fourth being Darwin OS or mavericks. I do NOT currently have an sd card to usb adapter for...
  10. zoz33

    Install Mavericks on SD Card

    I have managed to install OS X on an SD Card and my laptop (HP EliteBook Folio 9470m) supports boot from SD card, the problem is that chameleon/chimera never show the SD card partition as an option to boot from. Is it a limitation of Chameleon/Chimera or is there something that can be done? Thanks
  11. Jo...

    i3570, GA Z77 ds3h, problems with usb connection of cameras and sd cards

    Hello, if have built my first hackintosh with an i3750 and the ga z77 ds3h board and almost everything works fine with mountain lion. My only problem is that some usb drives don't look up. Normal sticks are working fine, a mybook external harddrive is also working. What doesn't work are my...