1. susudio

    A Neat solution:Switch Audio Outputs with a Keyboard Shortcut

    Hi Guys, I wish to share with you a really fast and convenient method to switch between your audio sources, it is best for scenario like most of the users have: having sound cables hooked on both headphones and amplified stereo speakers but don't like to move mouse far away to the small menu...
  2. Fjordn

    [Solved] Choose which OS to boot to before restarting?

    (apologies for any incorrect terminology; it's been a while since I messed with my installation) tl;dr - is it idiotic to use a script to alter the .plist file on my "Boot OS X" volume so I can restart into any OS, bypassing the need to manually select one at the bootloader? I dual-boot...
  3. VulGerrity

    Auto Restart Script When Negotiated to SATA I?

    Forgive me since this isn't totally a hackintosh question, but I figured if anyone knew a solution, it would be this community. I've got a couple of late 2009 Mac Minis running Mavericks. I recently replaced their hard drives with SSDs. Everything seems to work fine, however, I don't always...
  4. hazcod

    maclaunch - manage your startup items

    Hello, I made something I think some of you might like. This little bash, command line script will list all of your startup entries for your macOS machine. It does this by listing all plist entries in LaunchDaemon & LaunchAgent folders. (user + system) It can also list system loaded plists or...