1. egasp

    [Solved] How to enable Nvidia Web Driver after Installation?

    Hi Guys, I just installed my first hackintosh on my pc. I have no problem with the installation but after installed nvidiawebdriver and follow steps from, I can't seem to...
  2. cdduarte

    GA-77 DS3H + HD7850 only boots -x

    Hello guys, getting hopeless and looking for some help after many hours. So, my build is from early 2014, rock solid until yesterday. I had a "grey screen" freeze... rebooted, and never booted again. I can boot in safe mode, so I've tried rebuilding boot with Multibeast, fixing permissions. I...
  3. koeniekoenie

    Dell Precision M6700 - Blank screen with Nvidia Web Drivers

    Hi everybody, I have trouble getting macOS Sierra to work on my Dell Precision M6700 laptop. I cannot get the Nvidia Web Drivers to work. After the verbose boot text, my monitor turns off or turns black. There also isn’t any output on HDMI and Display Port monitors. I am running macOS Sierra...
  4. midgetmiles

    Screen turning on and off repeatedly - nVidia 1050ti

    I've just finished building my Hackintosh and am trying to get it set up. It boots into Sierra OK, at times I get the prohibited message (any help here would be appreciated) but the bigger issue is that the entire screen flashes black, and then turns back on, and flashes black, and back on etc...
  5. abaabaabaaba4

    [Solved] gpu red light motherboard and failing to post most of the time

    I have had this system since 2011 and had no problems until recently, a majority of the time when I turn the computer on the red light next to the gpu on the motherboard comes up and theres just a black screen and it doesn't go any further then that. Occasionally it is a cyan or a pink screen. I...
  6. Iagh

    [SOLVED] White screen after install

    Hi, I just install Mac OSX Sierra to PC And everything was going smooth. The boot was OK instalation was OK but then after restart and long booting the system from partition only white screen apear And mouse with spinner. I install MacOS on this PC earlier and everything running great. But now...
  7. Blackeye42

    Sleep issues in Sierra

    Hi, I have a weird problem with sleep mode in my laptop. When I close the lid or select the sleep option, my laptop goes to sleep. After a couple of seconds some of the hardware (fans, ssd, usb) tries to reactivate and then it goes back to sleep but the screen is still off. This loop keeps for...
  8. k4r7hy

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Weird Display Problem

    My laptop spec i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530, 4k UHD screen. I have successfully installed sierra and got it to boot with a dummy ig-platform-id, if i use 0x191b0000 to enable graphics it boots into black screen. I attached a HDMI display to the laptop, looks like the internal display is detected...
  9. x86tosh

    New Install - Web Drivers give blank screen after boot

    Hi, Just installing a fresh copy of OSX Sierra following this guide - It's not made for my motherboard or GPU but I figured it was close enough to give it a shot. Was chuffed...
  10. terminal500500

    Flickering in Chrome & in Safari tabs bar

    Hey, everyone! I'm loving my Sierra installation. However, I have one peculiar problem. Safari works great, and everything is fine and dandy, except when you drag your cursor over the tab bar. It creates a sort of artifacting effect. What's also very interesting is that my favourite browser...
  11. jeffry123

    Strange flashing at the edge of finder bar

    Hey, I have strange flashing at the edge of finder bar. It look's like that: And it's making bigger, smaller, flashing - it's annoying. Tryed with nv_disable = 1 and also happens. Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Pro4S CPU: Intel i7-6700 Skylake GPU: Intel HD 530 - at Mac info showing that it has...
  12. Westechy

    No login background

    when i boot up my hack the login screen doesnt have any background picture in it, i installed the multibeast drivers of which i needed and solved the apple logo not being there but the background at the login screen is not showing properly
  13. HennoeR

    glitches after short sleep on secondary VGA screen (Sierra)

    Hello, please take a look at this video: . It shows the glitches I experience on my secondary monitor after I wake my computer from energy saving (starts after 30 minutes of doing nothing). My main HDMI screen is not affected by the glitches, however it seems to be dropping frames and is less...
  14. Negreaoa

    Monitor goes to sleep after apple logo os sierra

    Hi guys, please help me. I m out of ideas. I m stuck and I also don t know what to do more. Today I followed your guid for installing OS Sierra on my PC. Everything worked fine with the installation. But , when I tried to boot into the new OS the bar under the apple logo was half loaded and pc...
  15. sedavid14

    Screen resolution problem

    Hello! I successfully installed, Mac OS Sierra on my pc, everything works fine except for the screen, I have a 2560x1440 monitor and right now it runs at 2048x1152 and i cant change it higher, just to lower res. Can anyone help me out? My Pc is : Asus H81m-a Intel I5 4590 Intel HD 4600 8...
  16. d112570

    Sierra Black Screen with Inject Nvidia disabled

    I have a GTX 660 Ti, I read on the web that Nvidia needs to be disabled, but when I disabled I get black screen after loading. When I have it enabled I can log in, but only 1 of my monitors are active, the other 2 are offline. I went from iMac 14,2 down to 13,2 since the original iMac 13,2 has...
  17. darknet8

    Black screen at installation start

    Hi, my configuration: Asrock z97x fatality I5 4690 Gtx 970 2×4gb corsair vengeance 2133mhz cl9 Xfx 650w I build the bootable usb in legacy mode and inject nvdia, but when i click noot osx from usb, i got a black screen that stay here forever, i try to run in verbose mode but won't start.
  18. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Maximus VII Gene - nVidia Web Driver Classic Black Screen

    Hey all, I've updated my desktop to macOS Sierra GM (i7-4790K, Maximus VII Gene, GTX 980 Ti), and have thus needed to update the nVidia Web Drivers to get full acceleration out of my 980 Ti. I have Nvidia Web Driver - 367.10.10.05b01 installed. Now my problem is that I get the classic "black...
  19. xguitox

    Black Screen (No signal) after 10.11.6 update gtx 970 i7-6700

    Hi all! In need of some help. I updated a 100% stable Hackintosh to 10.11.6 via the App Store. Upon reboot I'm getting no video output to the monitor but computer is still booting fine. Luckily I had remote access software installed so I can still control the machine & am able to log in / make...
  20. AlecFrey

    Screen tearing and flickering and my monitor is set to 1280x1024

    My screen constantly flickers and tears. Also, I am running dual monitors however they are set to mirror and 1280x1024. (I can't change it). Also, my audio doesn't work and I installed to proper driver in multibeast. It only picks up my Yeti mic, but it doesn't pick up my speakers connected to...