1. vincnt

    Screen flashes when notifications pop up and 'smooth' scrolling issue

    Hi! I just finished building my first hackintosh this weekend and managed to get pretty much all of the main features to work (except for the audio outputs). While working on my machine I've noticed a few minor issues with my graphics: 1) when notifications pop up on my screen the screen...
  2. Roberto64

    Help Install on asus laptop frezze to apple logo

    Hello, Sorry for my english, i'm belgian. I have make an USB bootable key with Unibeast My laptop is an ASUS X550 CL - Intel core i5 3337u - intel hd graphics 4000 First i have download over 5gb Mac os high sierra setup on my mac and i open Unibeast (I have formated the usb with this code ...
  3. gabrycosta04


    How to fix yellow screen on first boot? How to download kext to fix it? *sorry for my bad english*
  4. chachimontes

    Weird artifacting after screen wake

    Hi I am a little new to the community and am having trouble with my laptop running High Sierra 10.13.3. The main trouble is, whenever my screen turns off (not from sleep) or I close the lid, there's some artifacting on the right hand of the screen as well as some fuzziness. Whatever attached...
  5. KrissViolense

    GTX 660 strange issues

    Hello I installed hackintosh, it's ok! But when I'll start few program (photoshop, ai, etc) I have this story I installed nvidia drivers, but it not resolving my trouble!
  6. arlisonsoares

    Resolution of my Hackintosh

    Hello, my hackintosh is at a default resolution and does not appear for others to change in the monitor settings is there any feature that can lock the resolution of 1440x900? and where would you do it? I am using a h270-ud3, core i5 7400, 8gb of ram and ssd of 120gb, the graphics are intel 630...
  7. nawabaarij

    Stuck at black screen with cursor after updating to High Sierra

    So i update my working sierra machine to High Sierra it installed succefully but when i selected Boot OS X from *disk* i couldn't get into mac after the apple logo and the bar complete around 3/4 i get a black screen with the cursor on the top left which can't move!
  8. nawabaarij

    Can I Update to High Sierra?

    So I am new this Hackintosh stuff and I was trying to install High Sierra on my system before but I couldn't get into the Installer apparently because of this error Although I found the...
  9. gemis

    [Solved] Black Screen after try recovery with Time Machine

    Hello guys. I have a problem. Yesterday try to update mi Sierra to HighSierra with directly update. Then my partition is disappear. After that, try to recovery my backup sierra with the Time Machine, and enter with the partition Recovery (without usb, the partition with the OS disappear, but the...
  10. 20four80five

    [Solved] Anyone with an Ultrawide 34UC88 at 75Hz?

    I have been trying to get my LG-34UC88-B screen to run at 75Hz and it only shows 30Hz and 60Hz. I have another drive with Windows 10 and can easily change the LG-34UC88 Refresh Rate to 75Hz. Confirm 75Hz using the UFO Test. I have an AMD Sapphire Nitro RX570 graphics card using the Orinoco...
  11. aggourin

    Buying advice for affordable laptop 2 in 1.

    Hi to all, I am looking affordable cheap convertible or 2 in 1 laptop 10 - 14 inch like lenovo yoga to make it hackintosh. I don't care about cpu or gpu or ram , just to have really good screen and logical battery life. I want to install on it at least osx mavericks. I want it to have good...
  12. mateusz.slowik

    Lenovo U310 sierra boot problem

    Hi everyone I am trying to install sierra OS X on u310, i already put whitelist bios on it. I am using newest UniBeast for Sierra. I am booting laptop to clover boot menu but after i click installation of mac from usb. the white apple logo shows up and right after installer will start loading...
  13. jlinlop

    Black screen with nvidia web drivers!!

    Help me! this is taking me crazy, my specs: Gigabyte H61-DS2 with i7 Nvidia 1050ti High sierra 10.13 installed Plugged with sony tv kdl46nx all works fine Plugged with hp24xw monitor black screen on boot up Maybe a concern with hdmi 1.4 vs hdmi 2.0???? Help!!!!!!and thanks!!!
  14. markmcleod50

    Graphics issues - config and BIOS attached

    Running a Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 5 with and EVGA GTX 960 on 10.12.6 new install. System definition is 17,1. I've tried lili and nvidiagraphicsfix as well as ADGPfix and still cannot get my card to be recognized. Right now I am getting video through HDMI which is plugged into the GPU. Nothing with...
  15. Yahu

    Display problem with Sierra

    Hi, I got fully working hackintosh setup which is MSI PE60. There were no problems until I started to use an external monitor as a second screen. Now every time I boot Sierra, my built-in screen is black (backlit tho) and the external screen displays properly. Built-in screen starts to work...
  16. NewbieEditor

    Buying advice : IPS screen for video editing for less than 300eur

    Dear editors on Tonymacx, What screens are you working with ? What would you advise me to buy for less than 300eur ? I´m looking for an IPS screen for less than 300 eur (or 2 screens for less than 300 eur each), that doesn´t hurt the eyes too much when working for long hours. I´m looking for the...
  17. adderr

    HELP PLEASE! Install finished, Cannot boot into setup. i5 6600k, Asus H110m, r7 250

    Hi guys, I have been trying to install sierra at my new workplace on my new machine. All the parts are compatible (from what I have read) but im having trouble getting it done. I have got the OS installed but cannot get to the setup screen. I have tried a mixure of a lot of different BIOS...
  18. adderr

    Yellow screen + cursor after installation.

    Hi Guys, So i recently decided to install mac os sierra on my work machine for development at my new job. All the parts looked fine from what I could find online. I need to get everything installed asap so I can begin but I have hit a road block. Parts: i5 6600k Asus H110M-A/M.2 AMD r7 250 8GB...
  19. Ad4mtaylor

    [Solved] Ethernet & Audio issues & Screen glitch (Sierra, 2017)

    Hi guys, I'm new to building Hackintosh PC's, and have just finished my first. I have successfully installed Sierra on my PC, however my Ethernet and Audio do not work. I've tried using Multibeast, but I don't really know what I'm doing, I have selected what I believe to be my needed drivers...
  20. joshPlayMac

    HD 4600 HDMI causes reboot

    Hi, I have a MSI GP60 2PE 422-XES Laptop with El Capitan installed on it, all works almost perfect except HDMI and obviously VGA, (and other things like card reader, but those are not interesting for me). My issue is that my laptop has a Haskell i5-4210H processor that comes with the Intel...