1. imersat

    Issue with screen due to refresh rate.

    Hey guys, My hackintosh now has a screen issue because I set the refresh rate to 60hz. Despite having a 120hz display, I have to keep it at 60 due to a screen defect on my laptop display where half of the screen is black when its at 120hz. But when I set it to 60hz on my hackintosh, the screen...
  2. legatimatteo

    Surface Pro 7 i5-1035g4 - bigSur

    Hi, I'm trying to use big sur on surface pro 7, it works well but the screen sometimes becomes black for a half sec. changing resolution no longer happens but hidpi is not activated so I see everything very small. Can someone help me?
  3. markobog123

    Glitchy Display (OpenCore) (i7-4700MQ, HD4600)

    I am trying to install macOS on my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 laptop. I managed to configure OpenCore as much as I knew, utilizing Linux to get DSDT and get ACPI configured. I made the configuration using I configured GPU using WhateverGreen's...
  4. SingleCores

    Sleep on Catalina - Z390 - 10.15.3

    Hi, whenever I try to put my PC to sleep the screens turn off, but the PC remains on and it doesn't do anything anymore, I have to force reboot it. As far as I know, everything except sleep works. Audio Internet Usb devices Reboot Shutdown General usage of the hackintosh is a breeze. ...
  5. MrBruin

    Grey screen after installation hackintosh

    Hello everyone, When I finally managed to install MacOS mojave on my internal ssd than when I boot it up I get a grey screen. Some people on the form says that the Fakesmc doesn't work properly. But I have no idea how to fix this. Can someone please help me? And is there a special way to...
  6. jalovcan

    Thinkpad x240 - flickering pixels across the screen

    EDIT: SINCE I UPGRADED TO MOJAVE, A NEW POST HERE >>> I am quite new to this and I've done a fresh install of High Sierra on a Thinkpad x240. I've installed everything what I found in the...
  7. Yao89

    Z97 ALC892 all macOS sound on screen

    Hey, I'm quite new on hackintosh, and I've successfully install High Sierra on my desktop 6 month ago. For now, all worked pretty well, except when I tried to boot on a RTX ... After 1 hour, I finally read all the thread talking about no compatibility... Description of audio problem Anyway...
  8. Slickademo

    Vega 64 Mojave 10.14.3 issue

    I am trying to do a fresh installation of Mojave on my system. For some reason my Sapphire Vega 64 will not display correctly after apple loading screen. I've tried different outputs and monitors. It only shows a small box and partial screen. Makes it impossible to set up new system. I have...
  9. newmacbee

    Screen blacks-out intermittently

    Hello, I've recently been using HDMI port on the display on which I noticed that the screen blacks-out intermittently. Everything works otherwise, all websites, videos etc, however, there's random black-out. I tried changing the HDMI cable as well, but still the same issue. I used VGA port...
  10. markmcleod50

    580 with black DRM iTunes content and loading Preview

    I just did a clean install with 10.14.2 and rebuild after buying a Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ but am having some issues with preview not loading and iTunes DRM'ed content showing a black screen. I've detailed my build and what I've done so far on Google docs - no sign in required and you can make...
  11. yoshy

    black screen or apple with bar loading forever on startup

    HI appreciate any help was trying to finally get my hack ready for update os. have been using usb stick to boot it for about 1 year since a blackout that i couldn't get the HD to boot by itself. I tried to get the multicast to reinstall chime so it would boot from HD using multibeast. This was...
  12. MaitrePranda

    Blinking screen issue [10.13/10.14/GT730]

    Hi ! So I have an issue with my hackintosh (that makes it unusable, really) It's that the screen will go black for like 1/2 seconds every 5 minutes or so (depends, sometimes it can go as far as 5 per minutes) I found a video showing the issue (not mine, but that's exactly the same thing that's...
  13. snakePanda

    [HELP] Intel HD 630 - Pink Screen on Mojave

    Hello, I have install macOS Mojave with Unibeast, and when I enable QE/CI, screen turns pink. I don't no why but if I turn off my TV and turn it on again, colors are nice like they would be. So each time I boot my PC, y have to turn off and turn on again mi TV. The problem is not TV, my other...
  14. filterhead

    1080 Installation problems

    Hi guys, I have a problem long time ago. Im unable to install high sierra, i did once, and 1080 didnt worked to me. After so much time, i decided to reinstall. I installed using unibeast, then i used time machine to recover my files. Here is the problem: i used to have a black screen clover...
  15. Danpan2001

    Not enough DVMT for QHD display

    So I have a QHD'ish display on my laptop. (3000x2000). Rehabman's guide states that for the display to work, we need to set the DVMT to 96MB or 128MB. However, my laptop only goes up to 64MB max. Is this a dead end for the screen? Is there any work around? IntelDVMTfixup kext is only for the...
  16. Roberto64

    Help Install on asus laptop frezze to apple logo

    Hello, Sorry for my english, i'm belgian. I have make an USB bootable key with Unibeast My laptop is an ASUS X550 CL - Intel core i5 3337u - intel hd graphics 4000 First i have download over 5gb Mac os high sierra setup on my mac and i open Unibeast (I have formated the usb with this code ...
  17. gabrycosta04


    How to fix yellow screen on first boot? How to download kext to fix it? *sorry for my bad english*
  18. chachimontes

    Weird artifacting after screen wake

    Hi I am a little new to the community and am having trouble with my laptop running High Sierra 10.13.3. The main trouble is, whenever my screen turns off (not from sleep) or I close the lid, there's some artifacting on the right hand of the screen as well as some fuzziness. Whatever attached...
  19. KrissViolense

    GTX 660 strange issues

    Hello I installed hackintosh, it's ok! But when I'll start few program (photoshop, ai, etc) I have this story I installed nvidia drivers, but it not resolving my trouble!
  20. arlisonsoares

    Resolution of my Hackintosh

    Hello, my hackintosh is at a default resolution and does not appear for others to change in the monitor settings is there any feature that can lock the resolution of 1440x900? and where would you do it? I am using a h270-ud3, core i5 7400, 8gb of ram and ssd of 120gb, the graphics are intel 630...