screen flickering

  1. rcnowak

    Screen Flickering Fix?

    Hi all, just recently I downloaded High Sierra 10.13.6 onto my PC (i5 4590, GTX 1060, 16 GB DDR3, Asrock B85-M ITX motherboard). It seems to work okay, except I have a lot of screen flickering in certain programs, like Logic, and when i sign in I get white bars going down my screen. Anyone have...
  2. elvynliew

    Lenovo 710S-13ISK Screen Flickering after wake up from sleep

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my freshly installed El Capitan 10.12.6 on my Lenovo 710S. The problem of my laptop is the screen starts to flicker whenever it wakes up from sleep. Please Help .. Below I attached my problem report Thank You
  3. RahulGusai

    intel hd 4400 onboard graphics not working it shows me only 7 mb memory

    hello I have Lenovo z 50-70 with following specification CPU:- intel i5 4210U at 1.7ghz and max 2.4 GHZ on board graphics:- intel HD4400 I have discrete graphics card also :- NVidia GeForce 820m ram:4 GB ddr3 1600 MHz I have install mac OS sierra 10.12.6 om my pc but my graphics card is not...
  4. djmellowshe

    Dell Inspiron 13 7359 2 in 1 Wake Up Problem/Trackpad

    Am using Dell Inspiron 13 7359 2 In 1 Core i5 (Touchscreen) to install hackintosh seirra, i get most function work Except Trackpad and Wake Up issues from sleep. 1. My Trackpad is not working at working at all, have used VoodooPS2.kext still not working. 2. Whenever my laptop goes to sleep, if...
  5. rajk09

    I have install Sierra and all the things works perfectly fine...but screen flickers a lot

    I have install and solve the issue of everything...but one day I have left my mackintosh for almost 9 hours turn on....from that time when ever I boot each and everything works fine but the screen flickers a lot...I don't know what to do I have install Nvidia Geforce GT710 and web driver for it...
  6. lewis22343

    Screen garble with Lenovo g570

    Hi, I'm new to the whole hackintosh thing, and I thought I would try it out on my old Lenovo g570, all the setup went fine, until the actual setup finished and it went onto the desktop after me typing in my Apple ID and it was fine, restarted it and it's come up with this straight after the...
  7. PresidentEvil

    screen flickering after successfully install of sierra

    So after installing sierra and using multibeast the screen has a flickering effect and it seems to lag. My CPU is a Xeon so it has no integrated graphics im using a GTX 750 TI and this card ran fine when I was on Yosemite. I downloaded the drivers from nvidia but when I set it to use them the...
  8. serban88

    Screen Flickering, artifacts and other graphical issues on El Capitan. Everything else works fine

    Hi, I'm new here. I just built my first hackintosh but I have some post-installation problems. I installed El Capitan and everything works fine except some strange screen flickering which starts into log in and continue when browsing or watching youtube. I tried all day to fix it watching a lot...