screen blanks out

  1. dsfx1

    Screen blackout with 3rd monitor

    Help needed! Trying to add a third monitor to my setup but when connected (VGA) after initial load the screens go to blackout / standby mode. Gigabyte z97 Intel i7 4790k Intel HD4600 I currently use a Dell monitor connected via DVI as my main monitor and a TV monitor mounted to the wall...
  2. newmacbee

    Screen blacks-out intermittently

    Hello, I've recently been using HDMI port on the display on which I noticed that the screen blacks-out intermittently. Everything works otherwise, all websites, videos etc, however, there's random black-out. I tried changing the HDMI cable as well, but still the same issue. I used VGA port...
  3. woody255

    Something went wrong with MultiBeast 7.3 install

    I had working fine (I know, I shouldn't have messed with it if it was working well), but after installing the full "DSDT Free" plus a couple added items like the 1080 graphics, the HWMonitor stuff, 898 sound card stuff, and a couple other small things. Well, after rebooting I get to...