screen black

  1. dsfx1

    Screen blackout with 3rd monitor

    Help needed! Trying to add a third monitor to my setup but when connected (VGA) after initial load the screens go to blackout / standby mode. Gigabyte z97 Intel i7 4790k Intel HD4600 I currently use a Dell monitor connected via DVI as my main monitor and a TV monitor mounted to the wall...
  2. hackrachid

    Problem loop loading icon and not login

    Sorry for my English I have new problem after using 1year os Yosemite now problem not login in desktop And loop icon loading animation
  3. pinoli

    Wake/Sleep problem on Z370-A Prime + GTX 1070 Ti

    Hello everybody, same author of this post, but gave up eventually and dismissed the Thunderbolt card from the build (for now) and got a GTX 1070 Ti instead of cracking my head over a iGPU UHD 630 only build: got it to work, but realised afterward it couldn't drive a 4k monitor at QHD resolution...
  4. Spinstar

    [SOLVED] Sierra 750 TI Black Screen After Logo (DVI/VGA/HDMI)

    Hi all. I once had Sierra working fine only on HDMI, DVI never worked but i only need one monitor so that's fine. Since I've switched my hard drive and tried to install again, I can't go through the apple logo.. it gives me a black screen. Tried every solution even AGP Fix. I have Inject Nvida...
  5. joaocarlos13

    GTX 1060 notebook working but only hdmi out not the notebook screen

    Hello I have a gs43vr msi notebook with a gtx1060 6gb, I just installed the pascal web drivers but when I boot with the drivers only the external monitor works, my notebook screen turn black. If I boot with the intel 530 notebook screen works fine. Im using the 27inch iMac profile, its due to...
  6. Drfrag

    HD520 Screen comes back turned off after waking from sleep.

    When my computer wakes from sleep, the screen come back turned off. The system´s cooler fun is on, keyboard backlight too, but to wake my screen, I need to press a key on keyboard or press the power button for a second time. Than everything is ok. Is this a normal behavior, or do I need to fix...
  7. deepakdhamuria

    Screen goes black on El Capitan

    Screen goes black on Sony Vaio VPCF115FM I am new to Hackintosh. I have a Sony Vaio VPCF115FM laptop. It's configuration is as follows: Bios: AMI (Aptio 1.28.1119) Processor: Intel Core i7 720QM, 2366 Mhz Motherboard Chipset: Intel Ibex PeakM PM55, Intel Lynnfield Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT...