1. robyrocker89

    Line6 Pod HD - Audio scratch and reboot

    Hi all, I'm using my hackintosh to record my guitar. I use a Line6 Pod Hd with official driver installed on my hackintosh but after 20 minutes, i can hear some scratch and in some cases, when I try to reboot the Pod (power-off and power-on), my hackintosh receive a kernel panic. I don't know if...
  2. inkobl

    HAckintosh : VFX + Color grading pro with thunderbolt

    Hello everybody, Thanks for reading and taking time... I would like to have some advise to build a powerful HAckintosh, able to run this kind of stuff : - lion mountain - CS6 - Color grading systems like : Rain / Mistika / Resolve / Scratch lab / Color front / Smoke - FCP7 My budget...