1. e621

    Transfer my macbook air save to a hackintosh

    Hey, so I'm new to tonymaxc86 and the installation of Hackintosh. I'll get a future compatible pc with macos, I've already get a macbook air and I want to know if I can restore my save of this Mac to my future Hackintosh
  2. bellino88

    Problems with iMovie and QuickTime

    Hi everyone, a few days ago I've successfully installed macOs High Sierra on my PC. Now I'm trying to use software like QuickTime and iMovie but I'm getting some problems. When I export a video from iMovie, I get an error "Export failed" without any error code. Same with QuickTime, when I try to...
  3. KZh

    Save Unibeast USB stick to file

    Hi everyone. I managed to install my 1st hackintosh around a month ago, and would like to format my USB stick to use it for something else. But I'd like to save it before, in case of emergency, you know :mrgreen: Is it possible to clone it, for example into an image file, and restore it...
  4. DanielmnB

    Hackintosh HELP

    I'm getting super frustrated here, I've got my hackintosh up and running but there are two problems. 1: There is a very noticeable hiss coming from my speakers, tuning my speakers up doesn't change the volume of the hiss only the volume of whatever is playing (so the hiss is drowned out) the...
  5. xavlegrav

    Mainboard change. Can I save my running hackintosh?? P55->Z87

    Hello, I have change my mainboard and my processor. I had a gigabyte P55 UD5 with an i5 750 running under mac Os 10.6.8. I change the mainboard to Z87 UD5. I try to start my Os HD but I could not boot. I try with rboot and got until the apple (-x -f -v). But the system hang out. Have anyone...
  6. MaxShepley

    Update scanner - we don't want the hackintoshes to go down!

    I was watching a video about how one update by Apple could bring down the Hackintosh community... I was thinking that someone with the amazing computer programming knowledge like people on this site, could produce a program which scans the updater, shows what will be given to us and then someone...