1. Vanchanto

    Mojave boots on SSD using USB port, but boot fails with same SSD on SATA

    This is my first Hackintosh project, and I was getting pretty far (steep learning curve though!!) But now I have been trying to solve the following problem for the past week and would really appreciate any tips that could lead a solution. After much trial-and-error, I successfully installed OSX...
  2. freesby

    NVMe vs SATA M.2 2280 SSD Mojave

    I was thinking about getting a 1TB SSD for my laptop. The question is what's better for Mojave, SATA or Nvme? What are the pros and cons?
  3. raultaboraz

    [Solved] stuck 4 minutes at Gigabyte bios screen

    Hi all, I have a strange problem when I turn on my hackintosh. I am stuck about 4 minutes at this screen before showing Clover. Since now my Sierra build was absolutely perfect. I had sleep / wake up, cpu states, audio after sleep, NvMe full speed and it was perfect. If I wait these 4...
  4. AaronVey22

    [HELP] SSD not booting

    So, my Toshiba Satellite C650-06E will not boot from my SSD when i have clover installed on it. It will just completely skip booting from my SSD and go to NetBoot. So i have to insert my USB drive, which REALLY annoys me. also my ssd is formatted as gpt with apfs
  5. Nyak

    Architecture Couldn’t Be Recognized (PMC_BOOT_42 = 0x00000013)

    I’m doing a fresh install on new NAND M.2 drive, running on the Rehabman branch of Clover v2.4k r4444 due to a previous kernel cache error I just resolved. Another post indicated disabling SATA in the peripherals tab of my BIOS would solve the problem, but it just resulted in a different cause...
  6. Bz16

    [Solved?] i5-8400 on H310 M-ITX: Advices appreciated on First Build

    Hi, I decided that I will try to build a medium-duty machine (no gaming/intensive job/OC) that can fit into a Mac Mini enclosure to replace my veteran mid-11 MBA. Let's not talk about Mac Mini enclosure for a while (cooling is rather hard XD) but the key components themselves. I will use this...
  7. sluisga

    USB SSD install not working when moved to SATA port

    Hi I managed to install a working High Sierra install using an SSD drive connected by USB. When I moved the SSD to the SATA port to run the system faster, the drive is visible in the BIOS and even loads the clover boot loader, however once loading after a while the apple boot logo changes to a...
  8. charlesbelisle

    [SOLVED] Internal SATA HDD sometimes not recognized by Disk Utility

    Hi, I'm on Sierra 10.12.6 and am pretty much impressed by the capabilities of a Hackintosh. I have a major problem though : my second drive (HDD 4 TB WD Black) is some times recognized by the OS / Disk Utility, but sometimes it isn't.. When it's connected, it often disconnect itself all by...
  9. dreamtuned

    Internal Sata Drives Not Recognized After Installation

    I did fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6 yesterday and now my internal drives are not recognized, they are Sata 2 and Sata 3 connected. A friend of mine came by and adviced me to disable all boot priorities in BIOS except the first two. Could this be the problem? All was fine previously on 10.12.6...
  10. Ilikecheese789

    Prohibited symbol and corrupt text

    Ok so i recently learned about hackintoshes and decided to make one myself. Here's the problem... When i first tried installing MacOS (after activating USB injection and ownership) i got a ''prohibited logo appearing''. Did a bit of research (correct me if im wrong) but apparently that can be...
  11. falls

    USB External - Mac freezes on multi file copies from SATA to USB

    Hey, So my hackintosh completely freezes if I copy gigs of files or a few files from an internal SATA to an external USB drive. I notice if it's like 20 small pictures, no prob but if it's a bigger file or a lot of files it freezes the whole mac. No spinning ball... just nothing moves, time...
  12. JingleDjango

    SATA III Controller Cards - IOCrest SI-PEX40062

    There are many chipsets and manufacturers. Forum threads offer conflicting advice. I do not need RAID support. I simply want to up my internal port count with good throughput for any additional storage. The card I'm leaning towards based on price, features and availability is the IOCrest...
  13. filippo0002

    SATA Drives undetected in Disk Utility

    Hello, thanks to P1lgrim's help I was finally able to boot my usb installer but now disk utility is not detecting my ssd and hdd! (Samsung ssd 850 EVO 250gb) The ssd and the hdd are detected in Bios, the ssd is connected via Sata in Sata1, and hhd on sata2 & sata3 on the mobo, controller type...
  14. DerToaster

    HighSierra Boot Problem

    hello, I have some trouble with the new HighSierra 10.13. My System: Gigabyte GA EX58 UD4P Intel i7 920 Nvidia GTX 760 The problem is, that my harddrives are not recognized when they are connected via SATA. The problem started with formatting the drives with diskutility booted from bootstick...
  15. fosworn

    Blueray drive not recognized (ASUS BW-16D1HT)

    Hi there, I have the ASUS BW-16D1HT, which is a blueray burner with DVD support, connected to an internal SATA port. The drive is recognized as a SATA device and shows up in the system report as an unknown device. In other threads people seem to successfully use blueray burners to burn data...
  16. Kallator

    [Solved] Hight Sierra unable to mount 2nd HDD

    I finally managed to install High Sierra on my old machine after what felt like a hundred tries. I had near to no problems with Sierra, but now i am not able to mount my secondary HDD. - Board is a Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 - Primary harddisk is a Kingston SSD, secondary a WD 1TB HDD - after login...
  17. aldo.riese

    [SOLVED] Sata drives not loading, AppleTyMCEDriver, AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement problems

    Hi, this is my first post, so forgive me if I do not respect some code of conduct, but I wanted to share this after 2 weeks of trying to solve the problems many of us have: - SATA drives are not mounted during boot, or, even more frustrating, sometimes yes, sometimes no - AppleTyMCEDriver.kext...
  18. dmzkrsk

    [SOLVED] High Sierra Installer on old mobo (Gigabyte P55-US3L rev1.0) no SATA during install

    Hi. I have and old box with P55-US3L + i5 750 + Intel SSD 240Gb I used Mac Mini with Sierra to build a bootable USB (with the latest Unibiest) with High Sierra installer I changed BIOS (no UEFI here) settings for AHCI, disabled XHD. Clover boots fine Installer boots fine But there are no...
  19. susudio

    Solved > A ROM patch for JMicron JMB363 (GSATA) with DVD Fix High Sierra not recognizing issue.

    I have been using old but functional JMicron JMB363 PCI-e card to extend old IDE DVD-ROM for windows for some time. This summer tried Hackintosh and loved it(DVD attach on JM363 card's SATA port works! Great!). But I had issue since update from Sierra 10 12.6 to High Sierra, before that Sierra...
  20. josh_

    [Solved] Disk I/O error with High Sierra

    Hi All, I've going nuts for the las week tryiing to solve this one. Hopefully somebody can shed some light on my problem. I have a GA-H55M-D2H with hackintosh since I first build it (four years ago) with three drives, a 240GB SSD, a 750 HD and a 2TB HD. It was working flawlessly on Sierra but...