1. divarak

    Kernel panic after update 10.12.6

    Hello everybody... I am struggling to hold to my sandy bridge machine as far as I could. After the latest update of Sierra (10.12.6), the system crashes, here's the screenshot: My graphics card is a GTX 980, no intel driver installed. I still don't know what I am doing wrong. Please help. I...
  2. caardo

    Success [..almost..] with El Capitan - i5 2500 SandyBridge - ASUS p8h67-m - nVidia GTX560

    Hi guys, first of all I want to sincerely thank this fk_awesome community. I almost found every solution to the issues i had in trying to install the damn thing on my pc. I am writing this post to share some tips and tricks that helped me and also to ask some advice for what it is still to fix...
  3. chrispk

    HP Probook 4540s - Sandy vs Ivy CPU/Motherboard

    Hi, I'm a newcomer here but have recently bought a Probook 4540s with the intention of both turning it into a hackintosh as well as upgrading it in the future. Laptop specs are as follows: HP Probook 4540s Core i3-2370M/HM76 Intel HD 3000, 1366x768 I feel pretty confident about getting to...
  4. KrishnaV

    Help! Drivers needed.

    After flashing ML onto a flash drive and booting from it. I tried a variety of combinations in the multibeast to get my boot normally (It will boot in safe). Could anyone please give me a specific list of drivers and things to check off to get this to work. I have an i7 sandy bridge, with a...
  5. aginnsz

    Overclocked Ivy Bridge Not Much Faster Than Overclocked Sandy Bridge?

    From what I've read/heard, it seems the Ivy Bridge is just smaller and uses less power than the Sandy Bridge, but is not really faster, especially if you overclock because you can't overclock an Ivy nearly as much as a Sandy. Does anyone know anything about that? Which one would be a better...