sabertooth z77

  1. gammela

    Fenvi FV-T919 wifi no enabled

    Guys I got my Mojave install freshly running(clean install) but I can't get my wifi to turn on.. (interface ins't showing up) I ordered the fenvi T919 (Broadcom BCM94360CD) Got a Asus Sabertooth z77 mobo Does anybody know if I need kexts... edit plst or bios settings?
  2. Ntoni

    High Sierra 10.13.4 on Ivy Bridge & Nvidia 680

    Hi everyone, I've been trying for a few days to install High Sierra on my PC, with poor results. I've CLOVER r4411, using lastest UNIBEAST to create USB. Can anyone suggest me which values to insert in the SMBIOS and / or which config.plist to use with the configuration that you can see in the...
  3. digocrazy

    Problems with Snow Leopard installation (Sabertooth z77)

    Hello, I'm trying to finish the installation of Snow Leopard but I'm facing a problem. I even finish the installation, the problem is when I try to update. I install the 10.6.8 Combo and before the reboot I install the Multibeast-Snow Leopard 3.10.1, so when I reboot, the computer gets stuck...
  4. epetersson

    Error loading operating system, sabertooth z77

    Hi! I've succesfully put sierra on my kingston 32gb in through unibeast, but upon booting from it, I get the message "Error loading operating system" on my monitor. I have an asus sabertooth z77 set to default settings in bios. I've followed the list for recommended bios settings, I've...
  5. epetersson

    Unibeast can't find Yosemite installation, only sierra

    Hi there! I'm super excited about trying to install osx on a partition on my secondary drive, as I am a programming student who has a macbook pro for most schoolwork. My PC has an asus sabertooth z77 motherboard, gtx 670 and an ivy bridge i5 3570k. I know that people have been successful with...
  6. Dennidavidson

    [NEED HELP] Sabertooth z77, i7 3770, GTX 680, Yosemite 10.10.2

    Hey! First off I'd like to clarify that I am new to this, but I have been trying all week to get this working so I do know some of the basics. I have a sabertooth z77, i7 3770 and a GTX 680. I used Vosster's guide...
  7. alexander.zas

    Yosemite + Sabertooth Z77

    Hello, Guys please help... Always I use Mavericks on my hackintosh without problem. Today I install Yosemite, and Chameleon (Multibeast 7.0.0) All works fine, but USB 3.0 don't works =( I install GenericUSBXHCI.kext it's don't help (Multibeast 7.0.0 - USB 3.0 Universal) USB 2.0 work fine. i7...
  8. hudbud

    Help! Sabertooth z77 i7 3770k ML installation down to 2 minutes then black screen and everything fai

    So I was installing ml onto my 120 gig ssd and all was running well until right at the end of the installation screen went black and from there everything went awry. I booted with pcirootuid=0 because I was fillowing a guide. I don't have a graphics card and I think that that is the problem...
  9. samuelmgm

    i7 3770k, z77, HD 7950 build. Compatibility & advice needed!

    Hello! This is my first computer build whatsoever, so it's not only my first Hackintosh. I am wondering if all the parts are compatible (I checked several links, they were all correct, but just in case). I am also wondering what would be a better CPU cooler or PSU than the ones I mentioned...
  10. Sanatkumara

    Sabertooth Z77 i7 3770K GTX 670 Halfway Through: I need some good hint!

    Hi Guys! Just lately I've put together a new machine and I'm in need to update my config signature, but I can't 'till I'll be able to have it work as it should! Here are the steps I've taken: # I cloned my current Hackintosh install (SL 10.6.8) from the machine where it's working OK on a...
  11. bloodstrike

    Sabertooth z77 Red CPU LED, Won't POST

    Title says it all. Put together the hack last night, and installed through unibeast+multibeast. Everything was running well (save for imessage). Rebooted several times, installed a bunch of software. Turned sleep off and left the tower on overnight. Came back to it after work and it was off...
  12. andrey64

    asus sabertooth z77 compatible??????

    hi guys i just bought myself an ivy bridge 3770k with an asus sabertooth z77 board. I have been searching around trying to find if my motherboard needs a DSDT. I keep getting mixed answers. I checked the DSDT database but there are no Z77's listed. Is my sabertooth able to go hackintosh???? i...