rev 1.1


    RX 480 not recognized by MoBo anymore

    I was using it normally, shut it down and then, the next time I tried to turn the computer on, it wasn't posting video through the RX 480. I was able to get video through the iGPU but neither the MoBo or the system recognises the RX 480. I tried cleaning the contacts, nothing. The RX 480 is...
  2. JacksonSneed

    No usb . . At all!! 3rd install try, 3rd processor swap

    I need help y'all. I'm not exactly a n00b to hacks, but I'm not an old hand either, either way, this issue is BEYOND ME!! I have a Z77-DS3H Rev1.1 F9 Bios. I install 10.8.3, get through the install no problem, but when I restart after Multibeast NO USB PORT WORKS!! No 2.0, no 3.0, nada...

    [Turbo Boost not working] GA-Z77-DS3H (rev 1.1) BIOS F9 + i5 3570K

    For some reason Turbo Boost is not working properly. If I set EIST to Auto or Enabled, it won't go past 3.4GHz, if I disable it, it will throttle from 1.6GHz directly to 3.8GHz, so even if I try to set a higher multiplier, it won't work as I want. I want it to go from 1.6GHz > 3.4GHz > 3.8GHz...

    [Light OC] GA-Z77-DS3H (rev 1.1) BIOS F9 + i5 3570K

    I have a Cooler Master Hyper 412 PWM and I intend to do a light overclocking. My idea is to just set higher multipliers for the Turbo Boost, from what I've read something between 4.2GHz to 4.4GHz seems very stable under this set up of the GA-Z77-DS3H + 3570K. Now I'm stuck because my Turbo...
  5. guitarsimo93

    Ga-z77-ds3h rev 1.1

    There is dsdt for multibeast for my motherboard (GA-Z77-DS3H REV1.1)? I didn't find it... I only found guides for rev 1.0 but nothing for the 1.1. If there is a dsdt you can tell me where to find the correct settings for multibeast to make at the first boot after installing OS 10.8.2 Thanks to...
  6. festuz

    stuck at the apple logo :(

    here is some info for you guys:D: i have the gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H REV 1.1 motherboard if that helps, i have both the os x snow leopard disc and the os x lion disc, i am using the iBoot ivy bridge because of my ivy bridge i7 processor and my main drive is an OCZ 120 GB SSD i was using the...