1. Aldaro

    [GUIDE] Multibooting Windows after macOS, and Linux have already been installed

    Multibooting: Installing Windows on your already setup hack Introduction: So, you just got your new hack up, and running eh? Of course, you have macOS working, and may've also installed your linux distribution of choice, but what about Windows? For many, having Windows around is a very...
  2. jasonbond

    Performance results not that great

    I ran geekbench and I am getting only 8830 i have it as MacPro 3,1 it was actually running at 9334 before i adding things in multibeast but i still think that score is low. Cinebench results OpenGL 21.28 fps and CPU 5.41 pts 25 seconds start up time on ssd samsung 830 128gb 2 second shut down...