1. jasonbond

    you need to restart your computer after multibeast

    you need to restart your computer after multibeast(solved) No clue why this keeps happening it happened 3 times after messing around with multibeast
  2. mundakas

    Reboot loop after chimera screen

    Hi, I had the boot0 error so trying to fix it I followed up this solution (which already solved that situation in the past): But now, after showing up the chimera bootscreen it just restart the computer. I tried with -v, -s...
  3. spikemay

    Can't reach installer, Restarts after loading kexts

    Ok here are my specs, AsRock G31m-GS Core2Quad q8300 2.5ghz Nvidia 550Ti (or ATI 5750) 4gb ram ok so i have had successful no hassle installs of mac on this system 10.5 - 10.6 - 10.7 all ran like a dream with barely any tweaking needed.. but now im hitting a wall with 10.8, i have built...
  4. Benny33

    Cannot reach installation screen ,apple logo -> black screen -> restart

    Hi , I've bought and downloaded Mountain lion. I followed the steps on the site and installed it to a usb using unibeast. However I cannot get to the installation screen or even a kernel panic. Every time I boot it , I get to the boot loader and launch the usb. I get the Apple Logo...