1. Firestorm7893

    Kernel panics on normal boot and self restart in safe mode...

    Hello, new hackintosh user here. Today I decided to install Mac OS X on my new build, and after a difficult setup (which I had to do in safe mode) I managed to install Mac OS on my HDD. The problem is that, when I try to boot normally, I get a kernel panic and if I do it in safe mode the apple...
  2. jteeth

    [SOLVED] Forced Retart or Crash After a Couple Minutes

    I could use a hand figuring this out. I was able to update my Hackintosh to Sierra GM but when I launch it the mouse starts to get jerky after about a minute, and then after two minutes the system will just restart. Not sure how to tackle troubleshooting on this one. What info can help?
  3. Loreno10

    [Solved] El Capitan restarts during boot, but not always

    Hi, Recently I installed OS X 10.11.6 on this configuration: MSI B85-G43 i5 4590 (Haswell) 8GB (4*2GB) RAM DDR3 1333 MHz GeForce GTX 960 2GB HDD 500GB I used Unibeast to create UEFI pen drive installation. Later, after OS was installed (I used nv_disable=1 flag during installation) I launched...
  4. BadGoldish3725

    Computer Restarts when Booting from USB - Random White text on the Left

    When I boot my computer from the bootable USB drive, all goes well in the start. The line moves for about half way and then a bunch of white text runs down the left side of the screen, and then the gigabyte thing pops up, as if it had restarted. It goes back to the clover thing. Intel ore i7...
  5. Paulaicher

    Laptop will not boot correctly after mandatory restart.

    My laptop is a lenovo y510p. I am intalling el capitan using unibeast and clover configurator. Everything works fine until I have gotten to the end of the install process with only the restart required before I can boot the system for the first time. However, when I restart, the computer...
  6. akashsakarwal8


    when i i select yosmite disk then show hackstion screen n automatc restart
  7. ShadowRock1993

    OS will not log off and thus cannot shut down/restart!

    Hey guys - Here is a video to show the problem: Anyone encounter this issue?
  8. Demoney

    [SOLVED] GTX 970 panic restarts under heavy load

    Just installed the GTX 970 a couple of days ago on to my hackintosh and it seems to restart because of a kernel panic when the graphics card gets under some stress. The panic restart seems to happen only when the graphics card is under some heavy load, since less requiring tasks run just fine on...
  9. CrashOE

    Hackintosh get's to apple logo, loads up to 50% and restarts

    Hi this is my first time assembling a hackintosh and this problem is really frustrating specs: i7-3557 3.4GHz Gigabyte Geforce GTX 960 Gigabyte GA-P75-D3 i followed the instructions of using unibeast to create the boot usb. I changed the BIOS settings also accordingly. But when I boot my...
  10. prose

    First Hackintosh, problems with boot restart loop

    Hey everyone, Been trying to get this off the ground for about a week with no avail. Clearly I'm missing a setting or have failed something in the initial set up, because after using Unibeast to create a bootable drive, everything seems normal with Clover when I go to the new machine. Upon...
  11. hemanthsurya

    Random Shut down

    My laptop Restarts randomly for no reason . I don't know where to look into . Sometimes(1 out of 5) it shows some logs related to usb(they look similar to kernel panic logs except that it has something to do with usb instead of kernel panic and it was too quick so i was not able to find exact...
  12. davbay1

    Takes 1-3 restarts to boot onto El Capitan

    So when I try to boot into El Capitan, it will get to the apple loading screen. Then it will load to about 75 percent then restart. Sometimes it does that 1-3 times and then finlly boots into El Capitan without me changing anything. When it does boot I just click ignore for all the errors El...
  13. netsmertia

    Random Restart El capitan.

    El Capitan Installation working fine but some time it cause random reboot. I know there is wake on sleep problem but some time it restart while I am coding. So it not a wake on. Its is totally random. Report after reboot: Anonymous UUID: 13D377CD-1F8C-9F90-0CB6-B8B29A6DEBA0 Sun Mar...
  14. lukepmusic

    El Capitan Shutdown/Restart not working

    Some days ago I finally did the step to upgrade from yosemite to el capitan. on yosemite I used the chimera bootloader and now I changed to clover. After some time I got everything working but the only problem persisting is that I can't shut down or restart my machine. When I click one of those...
  15. Gobachoaf

    Clover Worked Fine for Months...Now it Randomly Restarts.

    Hey guys, I got my OSX Yosemite installation with Clover successfully installed and everything fully function several months ago. I had it to where I can dual boot into Windows and OSX Yosmite. I haven't used OSX a lot since, but any time I had, it worked fine. Today, I tried to boot into Mac...
  16. regeditms

    GA-Z170X-UD3 restart instead of shutdown

    I have GA-Z170X-UD3 gtx 970 ,according to the guide, all thing work, but when i want to shutdown it, it just restart instead of shutdown. Does anyone run into this issue?I try shutdown fix of clover or half enabler、Gigabyte Shutdown Fix of pjalm,but it does not work.Thank you.:yawn: I solved...
  17. hemanthsurya

    [solved] Restarting after showing apple logo

    Laptop restarts after showing apple logo.I tried with -v option then it restarts after showing something like Thread 0x0ff......... i don't remember exactly but it is something like that. I've attached efi folder and config.plist .please help me with this.
  18. mohammadeskandarinia

    Got STUCK on apple logo

    First of all , I must apologize for my English . My system is an Asus X550ld with NVidia 820m intel core i7 U series . I used clover to boot into Mavericks installation and the system restarted then I used verbose mode and the system responded this way: I will be thankful for any help.
  19. digisign

    Restart looping at Apple Logo

    Hello everyone, Since this very morning, my machine was working fine, even though I knew it had few problems: one of these was that after long sleeps couldn't wake up (stuck), so I just disabled the energy saving features in OS X. Occasionally, even if I didn't properly address the problem, and...
  20. vcorder07

    El Capitan Keeps restarting with ga-z97x-ud3h...

    Hi, I need some help with my setup, yesterday I installed El Capitan and was able to login to the system and also install Multibeast. But after the reboot my computer keeps restarting. I was unable to input my password at the login screen without restarting. I then decided to do a clean...