1. slima3011

    Can't reach the installation

    I ve made all the requested steps, but when I reach the apple logo (after selecting the external boot) it freezes a few seconds and when the "progress bar" appears the pc restarts. I have a Gigabyte G41MT-S2 with Ati Radeon 500 (not sure the graphic card number). I tried with safe mode, verbose...
  2. abdo96

    Shutdown/Restart issue

    Hi everyone I have High Sierra installed on 'HP 8200, i7 2600,' when i press shutdown the pc it shows black screen and nothing happened, Any help ?
  3. julienscherliss

    [Solved] Hackintosh won't boot and ports have stopped working

    I recently updated to Sierra, last night I left my computer on and today when I turned on my monitors my computer was on but there was no picture, it also appeared that my usb devices that were connected - keyboard and harddrives - were recieving some power but not working, the harddrives were...
  4. tbjem0013

    Selecting boot device just reboots computer.

    I am trying to update to High Sierra from El Capitan. I updated clover. I copied Copy FakeSMC.kext to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/ I had remaining El Capitan updates, so I updated those through the App Store. After restarting, I got stuck in a BIOS boot loop. I changed my model identification...
  5. lucasmaiam

    HEAVY LOAD = Random Reboots

    Hey Guys, how are you doing? I'm facing random reboots in my builds while on heavy load. By heavy load i mean Adobe Premeire plus Adobe Media Encoder or Davinci Resolve working together and using all resources available. I have already did the Power Management from Toleda's Posts, and it...
  6. cobra1495

    My pc restart when the apple appear

    I have a Packard Bell EasyNote TM86, i boot pc with the pendrive and when i click external the apple appear the pc restarts
  7. Samthedeveloper

    Please help! Apple logo shows and then the computer restart.

    Please help guys! This is my first hackintosh. To create the usb was hard but it worked...But now when im going to install sierra, it shows the apple logo and then its just restarting. When i try to install in safe mode, its just keep shows osxaptiofixdrv-64.efi error for a few seconds before...
  8. ipurc

    Sometimes reboot instead sleep but sometimes it can sleep normaly

    hello guys, after some testing for my sleep problem now i cant fix it, maybe you guys can help me to fix it, i have ASUS A456UR Skylake Laptop : Intel Core i5 - 6200U Intel HD 520 with Nvidia optimus Sound Conexant CX8050 Wifi AR9565 with High Sierra 10.13.1 my problem is my system sometimes...
  9. darkyto

    [Solved] Logout - Restart on apple menu not working

    hello! i have problem from some days ago, when i try to restart / logoff my hackintosh i can't do it, only can restart using terminal with commands "sudo shutdown -h or -r" I don't even see the option "are you sure you want to restart??" any thoughts??
  10. lenoxx

    Random System Restart

    Hi guys, Now i have my Hackintosh for some months now and its running great, ive never had any errors whatsoever. For the past 2-3 days i have been getting about 1 random restart a day. After the computer boots back up there is no error message, and i dont know what might cause the problem...
  11. theitechx

    Boot mac os sierra problem

    Hello, when I boot my usb key on the computer, I fall on the clover menu then I select "EXTERNAL", I see the apple appear a few seconds then the computer restarts and I return to the clover menu.
  12. HamburgJD

    USB 3.0 External SD Card Reader

    Hey guys, i fixed my USB 3.0 problem and the slots seem to work now with usb sticks and hdd's. Unfortunatly, my external SD card reader with USB 3.0 only works on USB2.0 Slots and not on the 3.0 ones. Due to my work i need a better speed for my SD card and i would like to ask you if there is...
  13. pieterb82

    Sierra hangs on restart and shutdown

    Since today I'm completely over on Sierra after bricking my El Capitan setup yesterday with the Security Update 2017-003. After updating my install with an USB to Sierra all problems where gone. Even got Siri up and running on my machine :-). The only problem that occurs is that I can't...
  14. Walaulau

    Kaby Lake installs fine but doesn't work upon restart

    So this is my first time building and assembling a computer, and I decided make it into a Hackintosh (maybe it wasn't such a good idea for a first timer after all) On the first day after assembly I had some issues with installing Sierra but those seemed to go away on day 2 when I redid the...
  15. CarryATowelAlways

    Sierra 10.12.5 Random Reboots

    So I finally took the plunge and upgraded from Yosemite (Chimera) to Sierra 10.12.5 (Unibeast/Clover). Overall, things look good. Audio, video divers, and usb seem to work fine thus far. Ethernet can be a bit slow to load sometimes, but usually comes within a minute max. The thing I can't...
  16. deliqventrap

    [SOLVED] Gigabye Z170 Gaming K3 | i7-6700K | Sierra

    Hello people! I've successfully installed Sierra on my brand new computer and I got 2 problems if someone can help me. There was no explicit guide for my components and sierra installation and I want to make the guide after I'm solving these 2 problems in order to help other users. Components...
  17. lacher99

    GA-Z170n-WiFi restarts when WiFi on (no shutdown)

    Hey, i have a problem with my new Built with an GA-Z170N-Wifi Mobo and i5 6600K. When i leave the Wifi on while shutting down it restarts. If i turn Wifi off before shutting down it shuts down correctly. Wake on Lan in Bios is also off. Using the Shutdown patch in Clover doesnt help. Anybody...
  18. ajpsjeng28

    Stuck in a restart loop after updating to Sierra (from working Yosemite)

    Hello there, I had a working hackintosh running OSX Yosemite until I decided to update to MacOS Sierra via Unibeast, Following the instructions from the forum The update installation went successfully, however..when I tried to boot into the system through Unibeast Clover UEFI (I had to boot...
  19. heyyoumen

    Sierra Shut Down Hangs

    Hi Guys and Gals, I've had this problem for a while, but it never bothered me before, until recent: The problem is that many times when i shut down form Mac OS, it would hang when shutting down, the dock would disappear, but my cursor can still move, but it will not shut down, I would have to...
  20. Giovanifsa

    Sleep doesn't work!

    Hello there! I've been trying to make my hackintosh perfect fixing every problem that I could find, but i've got stuck in a sleep problem. After going to sleep (the power led turns orange and everything shuts down, like fans and display), the orange power led blinks one time and turns blue...