restart loop

  1. Babybop

    Catalina restart loop on Thinkpad T450 - help!

    Hey, this is my first attempt at building a hackintosh so advice would be greatly welcomed. I have a Lenovo T450 (specs in my bio) onto which I am trying to install Catalina using Clover 5118. Have tried numerous combinations of config/kext and versions of Clover however the installer...
  2. eldesouky

    Can't install El Capitan on my PC

    Hello guys.. I've a problem on installing El Capitan on my PC, although I'm running Yosemite very well! Here is my specs Mobo Gigabyte P85 D3TCPU Core i5 4440 3.1 GhzGraphics Gigabyte GTX 750 ti when i'm trying to boot from my USB it shows a couple of lines and restart *the img in the...