restart automatically

  1. Sonu550

    Catalina 10.15.4 Hackintosh Restart Automatically when it is under working.

    My system configuration is Asus H81M-CS Intel core i3-4150 CPU@3.50GHz 8GB corsair ram 1600MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2 GB I am using IDE Xcode on this system and after open related software, it is use approx. 6GB ram and remaining 2GB. but I think , restart issue is not related to RAM. I...
  2. brianwong11031

    Hackintosh often restarts accidentally

    Hello, When I was using 10.15.3, my Hackintosh restarts accidentally sometimes. But after I updated it to 10.15.4, this kind of thing happens everyday. Usually at night. It happened again just now, this is what I got when it finished restarting: panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff8000a16487)...
  3. simplyanin

    Sudden Freeze and Restarts

    Hello, im facing a weird issue. High sierra/mojave(tried on both) is installing absolutely fine but when it boots to the desktop screen, it works for few minutes after which the mouse cursor suddenly freezes and the PC restarts automatically. It doesnt happen if i dont move the cursor. But as...
  4. Dijjo9977

    Reboot after 5/10 min in idle, Catalina

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem on my first hackintosh configuration (Catalina 10.15.2). The PC automatically restarts if I leave it idle for about 5 minutes. Everything works perfectly, even the sleep mode (If I set sleep for 3 minutes the PC goes to sleep normally and after 5/10 it restarts)...
  5. lermaa

    Mojave Sleep Issues

    Hi All, I have been noticing some issues with sleep on my new Hackintosh. Sometimes I am unable to wake up from sleep successfully. In these cases the screens are off and the fans are running, but I am unable to view the log in screen and have to hold the power button to turn off. Sometimes...
  6. bogd740

    High Sierra Restarting when more than half way through installation

    I was installing high sierra with boot args -v -f npci=0x2000 nv_disable=0 dart=0 and when it was about 65% it just restarts. I can't boot from disk but when i boot from the usb using clover it gives me the option to boot from the hard drive i was installing HS on. When i boot from it it starts...
  7. TreatLightly

    Stable Sierra 10.12.5 build... suddenly stuck in restart loop

    Hi all, After a year of profoundly happy, trouble-free and very fast use from my first hackintosh build, I turned the machine on this morning only to find a very slow initial load screen (white mac logo) and then the system hung. I restarted with a -v flag in clover and watched the system get...
  8. Mylious083

    HIGH SIERRA Gygabyte z97 ud3h bk / i7 4970K / AMD rx 580 freeze and reboot

    I have a problem, my Hackintosh freezes and restarts when I use lightroom or photoshop or any program that requires some processing. do you have any advice? thank you so much.
  9. a1337

    Hackintosh reboots randomly during or after login

    I haven't had an issue with my High Sierra setup up until lately. As of a few days ago, sometimes when I try to log in or even after I've logged into my profile, my system using Clover just restarts out of the blue without warning. It's usually right after I've successfully logged in and the...
  10. musicmic

    HDMI audio works but USB Interface audio does not!

    Hey guys, I recently upgraded from El Capitan to HS 10.13.3. I still have a few things I'm trying to fix especially and Audio Issue. I hope this is the correct place to post because my issue is not with the onboard audio or hdmi even, but my class compliant usb audio interface. My HDMI audio is...
  11. jujal

    Stuck on Reboot loop !!…

    Hello, My hackintosh works fine for 2 years now on el Capitan, thanks to this website. Since today the computer won't start and is stuck into a reboot loop, and I don't know why… Everything was fine for now, except that I have to reboot to start the computer because the clover screen was frozen...
  12. z3r0s

    Restarting of graphic interface.

    I have a problem with reboot graphic interface (it is not full system reboot, and not a kernel panic), and as consequence I have a login window, input password, and then automatic restart all of programs. Everything works fine, sound, bluetooth, network, sleep... System can work 2 days but can...
  13. vanquybn

    My laptop restart automatically instead shutdown on El Capitan

    I only get this issue on this version 10.11. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!