restart at apple logo

  1. apour

    Solved > Mac osx High Sierra restart at apple logo

    I've installed mac os sierra about 1 year ago and updated to high sierra some months ago. it was working very well without any problem but from yesterday, it restarts at apple logo. I tried boot with -v and nv_disable=1 that some threads suggested. but doesn't help. i'll put the panic result in...
  2. TreatLightly

    Stable Sierra 10.12.5 build... suddenly stuck in restart loop

    Hi all, After a year of profoundly happy, trouble-free and very fast use from my first hackintosh build, I turned the machine on this morning only to find a very slow initial load screen (white mac logo) and then the system hung. I restarted with a -v flag in clover and watched the system get...
  3. mgb94

    Aspire E5-475-54MT Cant install OSX

    Hi, so im trying to install OSX into this laptop Acer Aspire E5-475-54MT wich has a core i5 7200u 8gb of ram and an Adata SU650 120GB, after creating the bootable usb and booting into clover, selecting to install OSX prompts an apple and then the computer reboots using verbose will display...
  4. Amaxx123

    Restart After Apple logo

    System Specs: Dell Lattitude E7240 2.7Gh I7-4600u Intel Graphics 4400 8GB Ram Was working fine when i was installing my audio kext because it stopped working but my flash drive that it was on got plugged out, but Kext Utility was able to complete it normal checks and stopped the installation...
  5. illoco

    Install Hackintosh High Sierra keep restart after 10% loading bar

    sorry my bad English, so I have problem with the installing high Sierra always restarting after around 10% loading you can see the photos at verbose mode my system: cpu : intel G3250 mobo : asrock H81M-VG4 R2.0 ram : Kingston hyperx 8gb graphic : use mainboard graphic thanks for your help guys
  6. JamesSchneider

    [Solved] Computer restarts after reaching +++++++

    Hi, I have just built a new computer and I want to install MacOS (High Sierra) on it. So let me get to the point. My components: Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-a CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 GPU: (built-in) UHD Graphics 630 Ram: Ballistix Sport LT Gray 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 UDIMM (installed in...
  7. ryansandlin

    Kernal Panic After 10.13.3 Update

    So I just downloaded the latest sierra update (title says 10.13.3 but that was wrong) thinking it would be no different than any other update, just a quick restart with only needing to update nvidia drivers. However, after restarting, my hackintosh goes into a kernal panic and tries to reboot...
  8. Samthedeveloper

    Please help! Apple logo shows and then the computer restart.

    Please help guys! This is my first hackintosh. To create the usb was hard but it worked...But now when im going to install sierra, it shows the apple logo and then its just restarting. When i try to install in safe mode, its just keep shows osxaptiofixdrv-64.efi error for a few seconds before...
  9. ritzbitz00

    Desktop occasionally kernel panics during boot, restarts normally afterwards

    About a month ago, after fixing issues with my audio by reinstalling kexts & patches via multibeast, I began to experience occasional kernel panics during boot. these would happy exactly once, and boot again as normal. these panic reports have been different each time they happen, and are only...
  10. Badeloe

    Can't install macOSX sierra Keeps power cicling

    hey guys, i got a very odd thing happening when i try to install MacOSX sierra on my HP prebuilt system. The system keeps powercicling everytime i hit install, can you guys help me out with this one? here are some specs: Intel Core i5 3470 @3.2GHz 8GB of 1600Mhz ram 500GB hdd GTX 750 1gb
  11. raskavil

    Can't reach the installer.

    Hi, I cannot reach the installer on El Capitan, Apple logo appears for 5 seconds and the PC reboots. When I try to do verbose mode, it restarts instantly. cpus=1 doesn't help. Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @2.5 GHz AMD Radeon 1650 256 MB MS - 7345 VER 1.2 Thanks and sorry if I am asking answered...
  12. pavloselp

    Problems installing El Capitan on my desktop pc

    Hello, So im kinda new to the hackintosh and attempted several times to do it but with no success. My pc specifications are: CPU: Intel i7-4770 Motherboard: Asrock H87M Pro 4 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 970 RAM: 16GB I also have a PCI Wireless card. I have looked up the BIOS settings in order...