1. Andyapple

    [solved] The installer resources were not found macOS Mojave Public Beta

    Hi, I am having a problem during the installation of macOS Mojave Public Beta. I am able to make the first installation, the fast one (3-5minutes), but after the reboot, when the installation should finish, it gives my this error. The installer resources were not found. I am using an...
  2. htc77

    "...while loading the installation resources"

    Hi guys! I've tried to install macOS High Sierra on my laptop b590 and process stopped at the beginning, when I choose "High Sierra" hard drive. I've got the message "macOS High Sierra could not be installed on your computer. An error occurred while loading the installer resources". I really...
  3. shazaibsohail

    Can I install High Sierra on HP Au171Tx? Brief Guide Needed.

    Looking for resources to install Mac OS via Hackintosh on my HP Pavilion 15 Au171tx but didn't find any specific resources or guide. Can anyone here help me out please with brief guide? Currently I am using High Sierra on VMware but it literally sucks with only 128mb Graphics memory..
  4. jmwmulle

    What—*not how*—to edit in a DSDT.aml file & where to learn it

    Hi. I know next to nothing about hardware, but I'm coming up on my third Hackintosh (I've been using nothing but for... 5 or 6 years). Every time I try to get a little more competent at the process. I write Python, PHP, Javascript, etc. (web developer ftw); so the editing part doesn't alarm...