resolution problem

  1. RizkiAA

    MacOS low resolution during boot

    Hi there.... did some of you know how to fix this little problem? Whenever I boot to MacOS, the Apple boot logo seems to be stretched, after it loads for about half, then it started to look normal (native resolution) and After half the loading screen : I have tried CsmVideoDxe, but...
  2. zxy-boy

    << Solved >> how to fix resolution on Catalina 10.15.2 ?

    I have installed Catalina 10.15.2 on my PC. The audio card, graphics card , usb, and network work well , but the resolution is always 1024 x 768 , i do not change it . i do not know why ? My PC graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 240. this is my first issue, i am very sorry for my english...
  3. MPG951

    Intel 530 graphics does not show up to 4k resolutions for 27 inch 4k lg monitor

    I managed to clone my sierra drive to another ssd and update to mojave directly through the app store after updating the clover. I have a NVIDA GPU but I only use it on windows. I been trying to get the resolutions up to 4k it only show 2560X1440. I tried following the guide to Whatever Green...
  4. Rellow

    << Solved >> Screen Resolution before complete install

    Will this resolution be fixed after fully installing and after driver updates? I was hoping to get an answer before I install it fully, I want to see the entire screen so I don't accidentally mess something up since I can barely see the top bar. EDIT: Seems to have sorted itself out on its own.
  5. MacFreak

    5K LG monitor can't reach full resolution on RX 580

    Hello. I have a problem with my new out of box LG 34WK95U-W I tried multiple option's for plug this monitor via DP witch is included to monitor or HDMI. Should I buy a no included 1.4 DP cable and try it ? or 2 HDMI cable ? Any solution to reach full resolution ? GPU : RX580 SAPPHIRE pulse CPU ...
  6. Atamann

    How to fix Clover resolution on my Samsung 4k monitor?

    My clover don't uses the right resolution on my 4k monitor. I have a GTX 1060 6GB and internal graphics disabled. The Apple logo uses the wrong resolution too. The OS uses the right resolution. (sorry for my bad English)
  7. AltoLama

    Clover Bootloader

    Hi guys, i have just finished the installation of high sierra on my coffee lake build But i'm remained stuck with some problems, the first one is that i have the bootloader installed on the usb pendrive yet. That mean that i have not installet clover config and i have some problems when i need...
  8. Markt2017

    Issue with screen resolution

    I've now idea how this started happening but it has and I don't know how to fix it. I've got a GA-Z270MX Gaming 5 based Hackintosh with a NVidia 950 graphics card running OS X Sierra. Everything has been great. Then out of the blue last week when I was logged in the screen suddenly went from the...
  9. Berdri100

    Resolution Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the screen resolution, my screen can take 1920*1080 but MacOS detect my screen at 800*600 So, I have changed the resolution to 1920*1080 with ALT on the resolution section but I get black border on the screen You can see on all my uploaded pics Thank you all I...
  10. CarluenaDoctor

    Correctly installing Nvidia Drivers - Basic questions

    Hi. My GPU is this an Nvidia GTX 1050 As you can see it's working correctly. For installing it I just downloaded and installed the Nvidia Drivers from this post. However, I have not changed anything on the config.plist or used any bootflag. I don't know if I do have to do something else...
  11. tess

    Yosemite, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 - no full screen view after booting

    I've set up my Hackintosh about a year ago and it worked quite fine till now. All of a sudden it just scaled down my resolution and is displaying desktop with black borders to the edge of the monitor, like it's outputting a resolution for a screen that's smaller than mine. It just happened...
  12. SKYYKS

    Everything works except resolution

    Hi I've run pixel clock patch v2 successfully, IOKit patched. Everything works except the resolution. It detects my display running at either 800x600 or 1024 x 768. Is it because i'm using a VGA cable? Successfully installed El Capitan 10.11.15. My build are: CPU - i3-6100 MB - GA H110M-DS2...
  13. JuHwon

    [Solved] 4k Display - no 4k resolution available

    I am running a Hackintosh with the following components: Asus Z97-A Intel i7 4790k (Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4600) I bought a new 4k monitor (Asus PB279-Q) and connected the monitor with the display port cable. My 4k resolution is working when i boot linux, so i guess the hardware...
  14. SycloneX

    1080p Clover Bootloader with non UEFI graphics card?

    Hey there, first i have to thank you. Installed my first Hackintosh in the last 3 days and without this forum i didn't got it. Everything is working now (Audio too *juhei*). Last problem is a cosmetic one. My Clover bootloader always boots in 1024x768 or so. It gets stretched and looks quite...
  15. Salkio

    Hackintosh El Capitan - Resolution issue 2560x1440 and Nvidia GPU issue **HELP**

    Hi, I asked for some help before and i got my issues fixed. How ever i have one more issue which has just come up and i dont know how to fix this one. After a good installation of El Capitan my screen resolution is stuck on 1024x768 and i did try change them in settings but i dont have the...
  16. hamza62240

    I can only use 1024x768 resolution on my Hackintosh?

    Hi, I have installed Mac OS X Mountain Lion on my PC (Hackintosh) successfully and I was very happy :D. But, I realised I have a lower screen resolution than my monitor has supported! The only selection in System Preferences > Display is "1024 x 768". My monitor resolution is "1280 x 1024"...