1. brucecassano

    Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H replacement

    Hello everybody, I built my first customac in 2013. Last week my motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H has stopped working, but this model is not available anymore. So I am searching for a similar motherboard to replace my broken one without replacing the other hardware components. Any advice? I...
  2. uchika96

    MacOS won't boot after replacing WiFi card with BCM94350ZAE

    Hi, after replacing my WiFI card with BCM94350ZAE I can't boot MacOS. I will attach verbose boot photo and clover configuration before replacing (which was proved to be working). BIOS model: 0VCN26WW(V1.10) Did I have to install some kexts before replacing the wifi card? Thanks everyone.
  3. uchika96

    PCI Express Mini Card advices

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for a cheap wifi replacement for my lenovo 510s. I have listed the following cards and prices (according to my country) following this post: bcm94322hm8l 7,90 eur aw-nb290h 20 eur bcm94352z 23 eur bcm94352zae 15 eur dw1390 7 eur dw1470 18 eur dw1490 11 eur dw1510...
  4. iammesio

    Upgrading my old NVIDIA GeForce GT 640

    Hi! Maybe someone can help :-o I have an Hackintosh 2012 with this configuration: 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7-3770 GBT Z77X-UP5 TH NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 2048 MB CORSAIR CMPSU-650HX Power supply (650W) Even if is old, I still use it as a B system. I'd like to upgrade my video card with the most...
  5. marcosviniciusf17

    [solved]Battery non-original not recognized - El Capitan 10.11.5

    Hello people. A few months ago my hackbook functioning normally. The battery it started giving problems, then replace it with an non-original battery,because price in Brazil, but the notebook does not detect the battery. The original is detected, but non-original does not detect. I have tested...
  6. DPatterson

    Replace a MacPro1,1 with a Hackintosh

    Greetings. My first foray here. I have a 2007 MacPro1,1 that has been a great box. Unfortunately, I've run up against the "You can't install/upgrade that software" wall good and hard. It was bad enough when I couldn't upgrade OS X past 10.6.8. Now I can't upgrade most of my tools nor install...
  7. Rayx

    Buying new Gtx 970 for my Yosemite. Questions :/

    I'm buying a GTX 970 for my computer, on the past there was no problems with graphic cards on Mountain Lion etc... now I searched around and I've seen that I need to download some experimental drivers to make the graphic card work FULL on Yosemite. I don't know if those drivers are these...
  8. lapetus

    i7 2600 motherboard replacement

    Hi, I have the following: i7 2600 sandy bridge with Intel HD 2000 graphics. (Note: NOT the 2600k) 16 Gb RAM DDR3, sata drives etc. case with tons of ports. Currently Asrock H67DE3 motherboard which I think is failing. BSOD USB related, tried drivers, checked for shorts, wire bits etc, on...