1. anyadszeretoje

    Replacing Nvidia in an older setup

    Hello there, I am currently on High Sierra (because of my Nvidia card) but would like to use the newest update for Logic Pro, which has a minimum requirement of 10.14 OSX. I would like to ask whether it could work if I replaced my EVGA Geforce GTX 960 with for example MSI RADEON RX 580 ARMOR 8G...
  2. Douirc

    Help replacing Ubuntu with macOS on a Windows 10 dual boot

    Hi everyone, Can you please recommend steps or point me to a guide on how to safely replace my existing Ubuntu installation with macOS without disrupting my Windows 10 installation? Partition 1: /dev/sda1 555MB NTFS MSFT Windows Recovery Environment (System) Partition 2: /dev/sda2 105MB FAT32...
  3. th0th

    Advice for replacing GTX 660

    Hello. I've been running MacOS on my desktop PC for quite some time. But when I tried High Sierra I experienced the glitch problem (discussed here) and had to downgrade to Sierra. I have waited for glitch issue to be resolved by new versions of MacOS but there isn't a step forward still. Now I...
  4. hiluxtonka2

    Which SSD is Which?

    G'day all, I have just purchased a new Evo 850 1TB SSD to slot into my Hack to use specifically for FCPX as the HDD is just not fast enough for read/write. I have 2 x 120GB SSD drives installed (among other drives), one is my boot loader with El Cap installed and one is my Windows 10 install...
  5. mrtoasty97

    Replaced Motherboard can't find EFI Partition in BIOS

    Hello guys, because of a technical issue i had to replace my motherboard (GA Z170X UD5 TH) with a new one (same model). Thankfully I made pictures of my BIOS settings, so i just made everything like I had before. Windows is starting fine and the Windows bootloader is found from my BIOS. When I...
  6. soundbase

    CustoMac Budget ATX build, can you update parts easily later?

    I'm going for a CustoMac build. I was trying to put together an i7 6700 build but budgeting not alloying right now. So Im going for the following: Intel Core i5-6400 2.7Ghz Crucial Budget 32GB RAM Gigabyte Z170-HD3 Motherboard Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 750Ti Graphics Card Corsair 300R Tower Case...
  7. dogpokerpainting


    Hello hackintosh community, I purchased the 8470p this morning :thumbup: and am waiting for its shipping. i've read about other users having to replace the wifi card, will that be necessary for this model and if so what do you guys recommend? i'm excited to start this hackintosh project, this...
  8. Ebbi

    Replacing graphics card with minimal effort?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this topic should be here or in the post-installation/graphics section. I have a working build with 10.9 which is also my gaming PC (2nd HDD, non dual boot). ;) Now my HD 5770 seems a bit outdated and I want to upgrade the graphics card. I would like to have minimal...
  9. T

    Replace and hide Finder from Dock

  10. vicentefoxxx

    How to disassemble 4530s to replace CPU details for model XX960EA

    I change today my i3-2310M CPU for a i7-2670QM following the instructions of Pepetuelo!!! in this tread My geekbench before was 4718 right now is 9805 8=O. Changing the CPU is a great way to improve the...
  11. Mavent

    Replacing my burnt out 5870 with a 560 ti 448...can't get a proper boot.

    I've done a couple hack builds before, so not a total noob, but this is the first time I've ever upgraded/replaced a gpu on an existing build. I think switching families from and to nvidia is likely to blame. The immediate problem is that I am hanging at boot on our dear friend "PCI...
  12. sundappen

    Replacing NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT with ASUS HD 6870 in Lion

    Hi I have had my Lion up and running smoothly for some time now, largely thanks to CustomBeast made by the excellent crew here at Now I want to replace my NVIDIA 9600 GT with a ASUS HD 6870, still using Lion. Hopefully somebody can give me a tip on how to proceed, as I...