1. random-name

    Warning/Report: Booting Clover on a real Mac can be dangerous

    TL;DR Clover messed up my Mac's firmware, had to remove logic board, reprogram a really tiny chip with a Raspberry Pi, countless hours wasted. Also, I LOVE Clover...on real PC hardware. But don't boot it just for fun on your Mac, you'll maybe regret it. I just wanted to report my experience...
  2. kaijajan

    is it possible to reinstall (repair) macOS sierra

    I applied the latest macOS sierra patch (10.12.5) from 10.12.4 but the upgrade procedure did not complete, because it stuck at somewhere during process. Now my mac perform really odd~I wouldn't able to shutdown it and took very long time to boot~(installed on ssd and it worked really good before...
  3. richfiles

    Replacing a dead Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH

    My Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH motherboard has completely failed. It trips a power fault condition on my power supply, and the local computer shop verified it does the same for 4 different models and brands of PSU. If servicing it through Gigabyte doesn't pan out, i'm curious what I should look for in...
  4. calebhallahan

    Invalid volume count and volume header needs minor repair

    Hi, My Hackintosh has been working perfect for months now. I shut it down last night and this morning when I tried to boot it I cannot make it past the apple logo screen. Verbose mode is telling me "Invalid Volume Count" and "Volume Header needs minor repair". Then it says the volume could not...
  5. Ratteler

    Hp Probook BIOS repair and "Custom BIOS"

    I've noticed on Ebay lately some groups selling replacement BIOS chips for HP Probooks. My first question is, has anyone done this? My second question, is there a socket that can soldered to the MB so that future bios repairs can just be popped in an out instead of requiring another...
  6. richardpsic

    Repair ACL Permissions in a Symlinked Folder

    Hello all, So I have the typical SSD + HDD setup, with the OS in the SSD and the user's home folder in the HDD. Everything works fine, the only problem is that when the home folder is moved to the HDD, the user's Library folder is moved as well. As you may know, the Library folder is located...
  7. AlienWarrior75

    Experience with my HackBook Pro and HP Support

    My HackBook pro (HP ProBook 4540s) was working flawlessly since Nov 27, 2013 when I bought the hardware. All of the sudden, on Dec 28, 2013, my HackBook Pro would no longer boot. Instead, the CAPS LOCK key would flash continuously (there was no obvious pattern to the flashing LEDs) and there...
  8. dilog

    Windows 7 cannot bot on dual boot with 10.6.3 - GUID problem?

    Hi For unknown reason Windows 7 cannot boot on a dual booting laptop (Acer aspire 5610 upgraded cpu) with Mac Os 10.6.3. the usual REPAIR method didnt work apparently because of the booting method (guid). Is there another approach to solve the problem?
  9. musicreator

    Using an iMac case for a build?

    I have a 24 inch iMac from 2009. There were persistent problems with it's logic board ever since I bought it. Recently it gave up completely and the machine goes into a restart loop whenever I turn it on. I was wondering if I could some how make a basic low cost hack using the same body and...
  10. CaptainPepper

    Urgent! Unable to boot into Windows OS.

    I am no longer able to boot into Windows after installing a recent update for my Wacom tablet. Upon attempting to boot into Windows normally, it launches start up repair. None of the repair functions work. I've also tried repairing from the Windows installation disc, however, it says it is not...
  11. frankJXL

    Repairing Disk Permissions?

    Hi there, I've been having issues backing up using time machine, so I figured I'd do a repair permission on my data drive that contains my home folder that I moved into from main drive. (SSD Mac OS X drive) I'm getting this message in the middle of verifying the disk. My 3 questions...
  12. studeggle

    Fix a screwed up user files move

    I'm new to macs, only been playing with them for about a year and this week was my first go around at building a hackintosh. It all went pretty smooth thanks to the wonderful guides here. But I screwed things up when I went to move where I stored my user files and now I can't seem to get it...
  13. theshiv

    Disk Permissions and Verification Problem(s) - Help?

    Hi all, I'm still running Lion, the most updated version, and today I went to do a quick "repair permissions." For the heck of it I also decided to "verify disk." I mean, why not, right? The pictures below is what happened when I did these two things. Is there any way to find out what's...