1. trexjames

    Final Cut X - GPU usage when rendering - 5700 XT

    Hello, I have been trying to find out if my GPU should be utilised when Final Cut X renders, transcodes or exports a project. I have watched the activity monitor and the GPU does not look like it is being used and the processor seems to be doing all the work. However, when I use DaVinci Resolve...
  2. A.Tony

    Is there a way to use CPU and GPU for Blender or 3D Rendering in general? Vega 56 i7

    Hello, i currently have the problem, that Blender only renders on my CPU (i7 8700K). ai recently changed my SMBIOS to iMac Pro so that my Mac now supports the GPU, but the Problem now is, that Blender ony uses the GPU now for rendering. Is there a way to use both? Also for all Programs. My...
  3. TransitCity

    Strongest Build for Premiere Pro and After Effects

    What's up y'all? I'm new here, and I'm assuming this is a common question asked on this forum, so forgive the redundancy... I would like to know if there is a guide for the current strongest build for a mac pro hackintosh specifically for rendering and processing power for Adobe Premiere Pro...
  4. ujimaflip

    Mixed gaming/hackingtosh machine

    I posted some time ago that I was looking to replace my iMac with a mixed gaming/hackingtosh machine.. Unfortunately my iMac finally bit the dust so I really have to do something now. The machine I'm looking to build will be dual boot - windows for gaming only (I really don't like the OS)...
  5. charlesbelisle

    Premiere Pro makes the computer crash

    Hi, I'm using Premiere Pro on a frequent basis but have a major problem with the software : whenever I'm trying to render a sequence (Render In Out), the computer restarts randomly. It only takes a few seconds before it shutdown by itself. I'm not sure why it's happening. Here's what I...
  6. Jevanni91

    Rendering h264 does not work

    Hi, I have a hackintosh High Sierra 12.13.4 x99 based: Gigabyte Ex Designare Broadwell 6850k asus strix RX 480 nvme samsung 256gb 960pro When I want to render a video on h264, in premiere, da vinci or FCPX, it does not start. (FCPX and DaVinci say error or failed, Premiere crashes and slows...
  7. Gohmn

    4 GPU Render Machine - Wait for Coffee Lake?

    Hey all, new Hackintosher here. I'm in the process of planning a build that will eventually hold four 1080 ti's to be used with Octane Render. Just wondering if anybody has advice for me on my choice of hardware. My goal is this: 4 1080 ti's As Hackintosh friendly as possible. Originally...
  8. tkan

    Slow video editing performance

    Finally got my hackintosh up and running. The problem is the performance with 4k footage is painfully slow when using Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. Playback skips, freezes, and crashes both programs, and rendering video takes twice as long as my old Mac Pro. I'm using an i7 6700k and GTX...
  9. AnAppleADay

    Bruce x Time for Nvidia cards

    Would one of you fine GTX 1080 people be so kind as to post BruceX benchmark results? Gracias!
  10. dstrams

    CAD and 3D rendering + Video Editing

    Hi, Im planning on building a powerful machine that will operate both on mac and windows platform. At the moment I'm splitting my work on to two computers: MacBook Pro and Desktop Pc. Now I'm ready to take the next step and combine these two in a single and more powerful machine. Will be...
  11. jjforums

    Preview app messing image color after edit

    When I try to manipulate some images in Preview, they get messed up: I tried to reset Preview preferences by deleting the preferences folder but still the same issue. Any idea? Thank you.
  12. tennet

    12 core "CustoMac Pro Socket 2011" for graphics and 3D work — will this work?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to Hackintosh. I have read through the Buyers Advice and I've read lots of topics here in the forums and I'm seriously thinking that a Hackintosh is the way to go for me.. I have a Mac Pro 2x3GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (from 2008) that needs to be replaced. I...
  13. krzee

    suggestions for video editing & rendering rig

    I am looking to build an osx86 rig for a friend who will use: adobe premiere, after effects, photoshop final cut pro he uses 4k video and he is looking to get into 3d rendering he wants a beast. I was looking in to dual cpu solutions but from what I have been finding here on the forum...
  14. yippiehey

    Setup for Cinema 4D advice

    hey guys, I'm going to build a hackintosh mostly using Cinema 4d with Vray and as much as I know Vray or normal render engine doesnt use the GPG. Pretty much going for the 08/13 guide Custom Mac Socket with Intel Core i7-3930K and 32gb RAM. Does anyone have experience with recent setups and...
  15. quang4me

    [Issue] Window rendering crash

    I am using ML 10.8.4, just upgraded two weeks ago from 10.8.3. This issue started to happened last weekend. In general, my Probook (4530 XU015UT) works properly, but the Window rendering get crashed randomly like these images below, and by the time, the frequency has started to increase. It's...