1. Hamza93

    Forgotten HP ProBook 4540s Bios Password?

    Hi! I put a password on my Probook 4540s Bios when I bought it (that was a childish move) and now I forgot it because it was a long time ago. I contact HP support and they surprise me they don't reset the Bios password anymore the only option is to replace the board. Here is my chat history...
  2. calvincosta1

    How to remove EFI macosx boot entries from BIOS after uninstalling macOS

    System: CPU - Intel i5 4670K Motherboard - ASUS B85Plus RAM - 16GB Graphics Card - Zotac GTX770 PSU - Thermaltake 650W Black Edition Case - NZXT H440 Problem: Hi there all, I am wanting to please find out how to remove EFI macosx boot entries from my BIOS boot options. A few months ago I...
  3. demiankz

    Re-Add Devpath - HDD Entries Deleted by "bcfg rm" command

    Tried using this guide: Mistakenly deleted all Devpath - HDD entries from the list generated by the "bcfg boot dump" command. I can manually choose my recently created CLOVER EFI...
  4. ehijon

    [SOLVED] How to disable clover options from Clover boot.

    Sierra was working great but I had isses with some USB ports. So with "Clover Configurator" in the first window "Acpi" I checked "fixUSB" and "USB" (this is not my screenshot) After that I saved and reboot with this...
  5. N

    how to remove kext ?

    Could someone post the steps? I want to remove AppIeintelE1000e v3.3.3 I am using macos sierra 10.12.2, clover bootloader. Thanks!
  6. Thij

    [Guide] How to remove 'Boot OS X install from partition' from Clover bootloader

    Hello people, In this quick guide I'll show you how to remove the 'Boot OS X install from partition' from your Clover bootloader. This problem might occur after a successful installation of OS X with both Yosemite and El Capitan. I don't know if this also happens on versions below 10.10. The...
  7. kylerphillip

    Removing Clover Boot Options

    What's the best way to remove these extra Clover boot options I have? I only need the last 3 on the right?
  8. fangyanghua

    Can MultiBeast provide function to uninstall installed drivers?

    Hi Guys, MultiBeast just give change to install something, such as power management driver, but does not give change to uninstall them if we find we did a mistake installation. Can you provide function to uninstall the installed drivers/changes by MultiBeast? Thanks, Yanghua
  9. EricSantos

    Uninstall/Remove Cuda

    I have GA-Z77X-UD5H 1155 ATX with the Intel 3770K, I do not have a video card installed and Have been using the HD4000 since I made the thing without any problems whatsoever. Lately, maybe in the past 3 days, I've noticed some tearing when moving windows across the screen and watching video. And...
  10. djcesar

    A way to Uninstall/Remove the installed kexts previously

    Please adopt a way to Uninstall or Remove kexts installed previously through checkboxes or something like that.