1. loksan3

    Hackintoshes reliability - audio production

    Hello guys! I have a 15 inch 2018 2.6ghz. 6 core MacBook Pro but the thermal are terrible! When I use heavy vst instruments it starts to sound like a jet engine. I tried everything including a fresh install of the OSX ,this laptop is just bad! I have had my eye on hackintoshes for a very long...
  2. benmehart

    Hachintosh Server Help

    I have some old 2009 Apple Xserves that I have been trying to keep running with decent speed over the years. I use them for my small business and they must be running 99.9% of the year. I only reason I haven't upgraded yet is because Apple doesn't offer any computers with dual power supplies...
  3. JACKL1981

    Professional Videographer

    Hi guys. I'm new to the Hackintosh community. I'm a professional videographer using Final Cut and Premiere for work. My question is, are there other professional videographer members on the site, and have you put your trust in a Hackintosh for your business? Also , have you used Final...
  4. pikurito

    successful hack, Will it be reliable for professional use?

    Hi, I have successfully built my first hackintosh. Thanks a to ton to tonymac. My hardware details follows intel 4670k gigabyte z87x-d3h nvidia geforce GTX760 2x4GB 1600Mzh crosair vengence 120GB SSD The installation failed when I tried with intel HD4600, but was smooth after i installed the...
  5. ragnvaldr

    Reliable enough for business?

    I work for a small non-profit and we're planning on buying a new Black Magic camera soon for our video productions. Right now, our video editor is running an old Mac Pro, and this camera needs thunderbolt, so my boss had me research Hackintoshes that are thunderbolt capable and will do smooth...