1. djcrunkmix

    How to reformat Hackintosh and restore with TM backup?

    Hello friends, I've tried searching on the internet and there are a bunch of threads with respect to Hackintosh builds + TM backups. However, none of them address the following scenario which I currently stuck at: I currently have a 10.13.2 HS system (see my profile for full specs). Here is...
  2. asu.smks

    Will reformatting my Windows Partition mess up my OSX partition?

    Hello, I have a laptop that is dual booting OSX Yosemite and Windows 10 using Clover. My question is quite simple, I have Windows 10 installed and want to reformat the partition and reinstall Windows 10. I have OSX installed on the same hdd and am wondering if reformatting my windows...
  3. ran913

    Uninstall entire mac OS/unibeast

    Hey guys, I've had my hackintosh with Yosemite installed through unibeast for a couple months now and though it runs decently, i've realized that their were a lot of little issues that were a little too much for me. I've recently gotten more into online gaming and noticed that a lot of games...