1. phreak9003

    MSI 870A-G54 Compatibility

    Hey guys, new here, and trying to find out a few things: 1. Will my MSI board work for a hackintosh, (might need patched BIOS)?) 2. Am I going to be able to accomplish my goal if it will work. This is a good time to note that my goal here is attempting to recover photos and music off of...
  2. Screwballz

    Help needed Probook 4540s Standard disk image

    [solved] Help needed Probook 4540s Standard disk image Hi everyone, Is there someone here at the forums that can provide me with an Image of the HDD from a HP Probook 4540s that includes Windows 7 Pro and the recovery partition? that I can restore from another pc? a ghost image or something...
  3. entspeak

    [Guide] Dell 14r N4110 Core i3 - Dual Boot Lion/Windows 7 on the same drive

    I just finished getting my Dell 14r N4110 to boot both Lion 10.7.3 and Windows 7 64-bit from the same drive. I'm still relatively new to hackintoshing, so it took me about a week, a lot of research and a few screw ups to figure it out. Hopefully, this guide - in pulling information I've...