1. dtechnation

    Need to Repair OSX Partition After I Reboot Sometimes

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this. Almost every time I reboot, I notice a "Recovered Files" in my trash. Also, when I reboot, sometimes my Hackintosh needs to repair the OSX partition in recovery mode before I can even boot again. I've had to restore from a working Image...
  2. GiHomer

    Can't change systemversion.plist back

    Hey, I have the following problem. I changed the systemversion from 10.11.6 to 10.9.1 to install a program. Knowing that a reboot without changing the version back would cause some trouble I kept the Terminal open, however i didn't know, that the Installation of the program closed all open...
  3. isaiah3467

    WiFi is Working in Recovery but Not in Sierra

    This has been a very long time coming. I have been trying everything I can find to fix this. I had to boot into recovery today to repair a drive in my build and noticed that WiFi was indeed working. Im semi-new to this, so it seemed very strange to me. Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated...
  4. tonnikala

    How to boot into macOS Recovery with clover?

    I have been using Time Machine and now for several reasons I would like to boot into macOS Recovery to restore from Time Machine backup. I found that when using real mac it can be done by pressing Command (⌘)-R before the apple logo appears. In my case that is not possible because of clover...
  5. NMAN124

    Internet recovery, ROM only?

    Do you need a legit Apple ROM/firmware to do internet recovery, just like you need legit Apple hardware to use Target Disk Mode? (trying to recover corrupted OS X ssd that was in my hackintosh, i thought maybe if i stuck it in a real mac, it might be able to use internet recovery, since i've...
  6. modman2

    Getting stuck while booting to recovery on 10.12.1

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! I'm trying to boot to recovery to disable SIP so I can install the nvidia patch but it's getting caught while booting and gets stuck, Here's a screenshot My build: i7-6700k Asus Z170 Deluxe 16gb DDR4 Ram Nvidia gtx 950 500 GB HDD
  7. optikai

    [SOLVED] Cannot boot into recovery mode - Sierra 10.12.2 Beta 2

    I have working installation of Sierra 10.12.2 Public Beta 2. I cannot boot into the recovery mode. I have tried various different configurations of clover to boot into it but it keeps coming up with some never seen before XPC messages when I try to boot into recovery mode. I could never boot...
  8. Antonas

    [Solved] Will time machine (made on normal Mac) backup work on Hackintosh?

    Hello, i am interested if following will work: i have made my MacMini (not hackintosh) time machine backup. Will it work if i will try to restore it on my Hackintosh? Thanks
  9. mikolajfigura

    HWmonitor ruined my installation. Need FakeSMC recovery?

    Hello for all Hackintosh users. A few weeks ago I did my first Hackintosh installation by Clover and managed without any problems. Everything worked perfectly. The system was faster than the latest iMac 27" Retina. :headbang:Thanks for the enormous dose of knowledge I have found in your guides...
  10. kosakgroove

    [solved] FindmyMac can't be activated

    Hi guys! I have successfully created a RecoveryHD partition in my hard drive, and it boots perfectly, as well as installs OSX without a problem. I know that FindMyMac needs to “see” this partition in the hard drive, and I have it, but FindMyMac cannot see it…. I don’t know what could be wrong...
  11. jimmyfoz

    Recovery HD partition with El Capitan

    This is a very quick guide on making the Recovery HD partition usable in El Capitan, bootable via Clover. 1- " diskutil list " * you will get de partition list, note that the Recovery Partition is obviously named " Recovery HD "... * check the number of the partition it is in, in this...
  12. 11212

    How to re-download updates from App Store?

    Hi! How to re-download updates from App Store? I have corrupted Recovery HD image, and i can't find a download link for that. App Store says installed for the update, but its corrupted, because my network stopped when its downloaded the recovery image..
  13. ralphdt

    [Help!] Clover Recovery HD not booting

    [Solved!] Clover Recovery HD not booting z97 10.11 Hi I've built a Z97M-PLUS i5-4690K GTX 750 on 10.11 with unibeast/multibeast and all setup and working very, very well, including iMessage. I want to complete my learning and investigate the Recovery HD options. Unfortunately, I can't access...
  14. Baasjebram

    Not able to boot anymore after installing clover theme

    I got a serious problem after installing a theme within the clover app. After rebooting OS X it didn't start anymore. I'm stuck in the clover boot menu and I don't know what to do. I tried the next boot with F12 from my bootable USB stick en selected my SDD which has OS X installed on. It...
  15. Syrexide

    Windows Recovery Partition is Showing in Clover

    [Solved] Windows Recovery Partition is Showing in Clover Solved. Click here to view answer. I'm using Clover as my bootloader, and I'm hiding my extra drives like Windows/Mac Backup, Mac Recovery, and extra storage. I'm trying to hide this last one that is called "". Seriously. That's what...
  16. mnabilsh

    Restoring Windows 7 System Recovery Image after installing Yosemite

    Hi guys, I want to install Yosemite on my work laptop given by the office (not my personal laptop), it's HP Probook 440 G2. It has pre installed Windows 7, Office and other paid applications. I have administrator account type. What's the safest method to install Mac OS? Should I make a backup...
  17. nivv

    No option to restore system [Yosemite]

    Problem is that when I start the installer from my USB-drive the option "Restore from a Time Machine Backup" is not present. I want to be sure that this feature works before I start to fiddle more with my install. I currently have a TimeMachine backup both on my server and on a USB-HDD which is...
  18. jedt96

    Won't boot no matter what? Maybe need to reinstall? HELP!

    Hi there. Need help! Was trying to fix my audio on my hackintosh (Ga z77-ds3h) and I installed chameleon but had chimera installed before. Something went wrong so I made a recovery drive and it booted in safe mode. I tried deleting chameleon and restarted. When it restarted it went into boot...
  19. Cakeman1234

    I really need your help this time (Time Machine Recovery failed, Split-screen unibeast)

    Hey everybody! I hope you will help me I've had my Hackintosh for over a half year now and it has been working completely perfect for a long time. Suddenly a couple of days ago after i rebooted it did this sort of thing when I just scrolled the side-thingy: (Also I couldn't see embedded...
  20. Cakeman1234

    How to go in to recovery with my hackintosh?

    Hey fellows! I have kept a backup of my hackintosh on my external drive and now I want it to recover from a time in March with Time Machine. I believe you can do that by going to the place where you normally install the OS. How do I do this exactly without a CD and only my external drive...