1. sspriingg

    Running into error when attempting to install Mojave (Hackintosh)

    So I'm trying to hackintosh Mojave on my Computer, and when I try to run setup, I get the error 'The recovery server could not be contacted.' I checked my BIOS date, and it's correct. I tried to run 'ntpdate -u' and it says that 'ntpdate' is not recognized. If i try doing 'sudo...
  2. PucePhenix

    "The recovery server could not be contacted"

    Hello everyone ! I'm a new hackintosher and during the high sierra installation when I click on install I have this message "The recovery server could not be contacted"... It's strange cause it seems like I'm in recovery mode :( How can I get out the recovery mode ? Thanks you everyone !!
  3. clivebixby

    Recovery partition won't show up after Time Machine restoration

    I restored my macOS SSD using a Time Machine and an external drive. The restoration worked as expected, but after that I can't see my recovery partition anymore on Clover's partition list on boot. Using diskutil list I can see the "Recovery" partition listed, but Clover doesn't show it I...
  4. mauroenass

    HFS+ and NTFS HDDs problem - corrupt and missing files when dual boot and Paragon software use

    Hi. This is a bit of a weird one and it involves HDDs and file systems. I have a build of High Sierra working perfectly from day one. But now and then I boot in my Windows 10 SSD to update the GPU (AMD Sapphire RX580 Pulse 8GB) and once to configure my LED lights on the motherboard (Gigabyte...
  5. bailsman

    Sierra randomly started crashing on start-up

    Hi everyone, Would really appreciate some help, a few weeks ago I added a new SSD to my windows partition. Everything was working fine for a few weeks until my Sierra partition (on a totally separate hard drive) started crashing at start-up, displaying some verbose mode like text. Any ideas...
  6. whitecold

    Windows updates broke installation

    I am having trouble with Windows 10. Somehow the updater seems to have a problem, I had now several times that on the next boot I got a screen "Restoring previous version of Windows." Previously this restored at least my installation, but now it seemed to have broken it completely. I attempted...
  7. Mark.Durand

    [Solved] Forgotten Password - Recovery won't Load

    I need some advice. I built this Hackintosh over a year ago for my wife. Neither she nor I can remember the password for the log in Screen. I tried to load the Recovery Partition but it freezes. I tried to load from the USB that I used and that too freezes. It seems like i might be...
  8. DukeLavis

    Cannot Boot Months After Successful Install

    In October of last year I built a Hackintosh for a friend of mine. It took some trial and error, but It was an enjoyable process. Everything has been working great, even sleep/wake which I heard many people have had issues with. A few days ago my friend tells me that the Hackintosh went to...
  9. aedan929

    How Can I Connect Ethernet Before Installation?

    Hi All! With macOS update High Sierra 10.13.3 it seems like a lot of people are having an issue with the error “Could Not Connect To Reocvery Server”, I am one of them. I am using a Dell Optiplex 780 with a Core 2 Quad, and an XFX Radeon 5450. I am willing to remove the GPU since I don’t really...
  10. gemis

    [Solved] Black Screen after try recovery with Time Machine

    Hello guys. I have a problem. Yesterday try to update mi Sierra to HighSierra with directly update. Then my partition is disappear. After that, try to recovery my backup sierra with the Time Machine, and enter with the partition Recovery (without usb, the partition with the OS disappear, but the...
  11. asheenlevrai

    (sierra) NVMe drive visible in recovery mode?

    Hello every one :) I copied FakeSMC.kext into EFI/Clover/kexts/Others in order to be able to boot into recovery mode on a Sierra rig. Note: - Asus Z97-a - i7-4790k - GTX 980 - Samsung 850 Evo (sATA AHCI SSD) Then I added an M.2 NVMe drive (Corsair MP500) and followed this guide in order...
  12. AthenaMusicStudio

    [SOLVED] Sierra : can't boot recovery partition

    Hi to everyone ! I need to boot the recovery OS, in order to enable code injection (for using Xtrafinder). But i can't boot it. Here is a screenshot of the boot using the -v flag : Thanks for your help :)
  13. Spencer7220

    Installing Clover from Multibeast Destroys My System

    I don't know if this is a problem posed by MultiBeast or Clover--but I install Clover with the EXACT SAME SETTINGS as my USB drive, and it completely prevents my system from booting, and I'm forced to go into the recovery HD to delete the EFI partition. From there I can boot using Clover on my...
  14. dtechnation

    Need to Repair OSX Partition After I Reboot Sometimes

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this. Almost every time I reboot, I notice a "Recovered Files" in my trash. Also, when I reboot, sometimes my Hackintosh needs to repair the OSX partition in recovery mode before I can even boot again. I've had to restore from a working Image...
  15. GiHomer

    Can't change systemversion.plist back

    Hey, I have the following problem. I changed the systemversion from 10.11.6 to 10.9.1 to install a program. Knowing that a reboot without changing the version back would cause some trouble I kept the Terminal open, however i didn't know, that the Installation of the program closed all open...
  16. isaiah3467

    WiFi is Working in Recovery but Not in Sierra

    This has been a very long time coming. I have been trying everything I can find to fix this. I had to boot into recovery today to repair a drive in my build and noticed that WiFi was indeed working. Im semi-new to this, so it seemed very strange to me. Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated...
  17. tonnikala

    How to boot into macOS Recovery with clover?

    I have been using Time Machine and now for several reasons I would like to boot into macOS Recovery to restore from Time Machine backup. I found that when using real mac it can be done by pressing Command (⌘)-R before the apple logo appears. In my case that is not possible because of clover...
  18. NMAN124

    Internet recovery, ROM only?

    Do you need a legit Apple ROM/firmware to do internet recovery, just like you need legit Apple hardware to use Target Disk Mode? (trying to recover corrupted OS X ssd that was in my hackintosh, i thought maybe if i stuck it in a real mac, it might be able to use internet recovery, since i've...
  19. modman2

    Getting stuck while booting to recovery on 10.12.1

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! I'm trying to boot to recovery to disable SIP so I can install the nvidia patch but it's getting caught while booting and gets stuck, Here's a screenshot My build: i7-6700k Asus Z170 Deluxe 16gb DDR4 Ram Nvidia gtx 950 500 GB HDD
  20. optikai

    [SOLVED] Cannot boot into recovery mode - Sierra 10.12.2 Beta 2

    I have working installation of Sierra 10.12.2 Public Beta 2. I cannot boot into the recovery mode. I have tried various different configurations of clover to boot into it but it keeps coming up with some never seen before XPC messages when I try to boot into recovery mode. I could never boot...