recovery partition

  1. susudio

    How to Recreate Recovery Partition in MacOS (hackintosh)?

    I am High Sierra for quite some time, there is a big issue for me: I use time machine feature to back my MacOS and previously I have peace of mind because I know if something went wrong, I can just boot to "Recovery Partition" and simply select last good working TM backup and good to go like...
  2. susudio

    [Help] Recovery Volume not mounting anymore ~ and I need it.

    Hi dear All, The system updated itself when I was sleeping last night and I don't want it (I noticed the update thing will cause the system not able to reboot, need a hard reset) so I use time machine back to 10.13.6 w/o any security update. The problem I saw is, I lost the previously existing...
  3. bufferOverflow

    [Solved] Putting Lilu in EFI parition broke Mojave boot

    I'm trying to make the recovery boot partition to work in Mojave (fresh Install). In this process, I copied Lilu and WhateverGreen to /EFI/CLOVER/kext/Other but during the recovery partition boot I saw following screen. Now when I'm trying to boot Mojave it's broken too (this was working...
  4. darx86

    Clover - Lost Recovery Option After Performing Recovery

    After performing a recovery from time machine, now in Clover boot menu I only have the option to boot into Mojave, the "Boot Recovery from Recovery HD" option is now missing. CPU: i7-3700 MB: H87-D3H I have attached the boot log and Clover config file. Please help.
  5. dudio

    Unable to mount recovery partition, High Sierra will not boot

    After months of running High Sierra, Windows 7, and Linux on my machine, my OS X install suddenly refuses to boot. When I boot in verbose mode I can see the system trying to mount Disk3s3, stating that it's unreadable, unmounting it, and then just hanging indefinitely. I am still able to boot...
  6. grisu70

    [Solved] Recovery Partition in HS APFS

    Hi, i have a small problem .. i would like to have Network support in Recovery partition on my Hackintosh High Sierra. If i boot on HS the network is working correctly. If i boot on HS Recovery the Recovery start, but i'm unable to use network, i have Time machine on a NAS and i don't manage to...
  7. Charlespick

    Recovery Mode inaccessible

    I did a normal install of MacOS 10.12.6 using MultiBeast. I ended up with a recovery partition in Clover like normal but I don't seem to be able to use it. Using the hardware to the left. Verbose mode output: Even if you have no idea what's going wrong, could someone please inform me if this...
  8. yekki

    Recovery Partition

    When I boot with clover, there are two recovery partition on boot menu. I wanna remove abandon one. In 10.11, the Disk Utility app can't show hidden partition anymore. I tried the cracked version, but it doesn't work. I also tried by add hidden boot entry in config.plist, it only hidden one...
  9. carpentryplus25

    Guide to make a bootable Recovery HD partition for clover

    Guide to make a bootable Recovery HD partition for clover should also work for chimera Update log 6/21/2015 Added changes for Yosemite and clean up sorry for the delay I've been busy 1/22/2016 Added changes for El Capitan and clean up sorry for the delay Hi For those of you who wish to...