recovery hd

  1. susudio

    [Help] Recovery Volume not mounting anymore ~ and I need it.

    Hi dear All, The system updated itself when I was sleeping last night and I don't want it (I noticed the update thing will cause the system not able to reboot, need a hard reset) so I use time machine back to 10.13.6 w/o any security update. The problem I saw is, I lost the previously existing...
  2. Antomac88

    HD formatted and data recovery

    Hi, I'm asking for help for an HD of an old G5 mounted on my Hackintosh recently. This HD worked for many years on my old G5, now having a Hackintosh I decided to mount it on my new computer. I just formatted MacOS Journaled and I used it for about 2 months. It was blatantly formatted by...
  3. MatteoScavuzzo

    (HELP!)No ER state object for... nothing to recover

    hi guys, sorry for my english, with that said, i need your help, a few days ago i was editing a video on final cut pro, then i turned off the computer because it was late and the next morning when i turned on the pc , it starded to give me this strange error i think.. then on the clover boot a...
  4. Charlespick

    Recovery Mode inaccessible

    I did a normal install of MacOS 10.12.6 using MultiBeast. I ended up with a recovery partition in Clover like normal but I don't seem to be able to use it. Using the hardware to the left. Verbose mode output: Even if you have no idea what's going wrong, could someone please inform me if this...
  5. MarcioGonzalez

    Error to boot in Recovery HD

    I'm facing a problem for weeks. Today I gave up and and came here to ask some helppppppp... I'm a system analyst I since some days ago I'd trying to solve an error that makes the Xamarin Mac Agent to not connect my Visual Studio and my Sierra Hackintosh. Looking for a solution to my problem, I...
  6. subho

    cant get into recovery mode in el capitan clover

    pls help,cant get into recovery mode in el capitan clover, i have gigabyte 7 series board thanks in Advance :)
  7. riauandriana

    Probook 4440s asking 6 digit system pin

    My system installed with OSX 10.10.1. While playing around on i'll try to lock my 4440s, and i enter 4 digit pin (1234) as lock code. After i restarted it, i cannot access OSX partition on clover. It only restart to bios and back to clover again. When i choose recovery HD partition it...
  8. zedoc

    YOSEMITE RECOVERY HD WON'T BOOT (clover install)...panic CPU

    Hi, yesterday, i've messed up with my clover "config file" and BIOS settings so i reinstalled clover. Yosemite boot is fine now but i've got a "PANIC CPU" when i try booting from the "RECOVERY HD" partition. I can only boot from it (the RECOVERY HD) in "safe mode" How can i repair it? (or...