1. Gabeloooooo

    Is anyone on 950 pro NVMe able to run xCode Simulator w/o KPs?

    El capitan Skylake build, hd530 graphics, no nvidia/ati, pretty much everything has been working okay. Using xCode is not a problem. Simulator works great, but sometimes, the computer suddenly reboots. Seems to happen the most when I start and stop the simulator a lot (iPhone 5, then 6, then...
  2. KCreeper

    Installer blanks after a few seconds

    Hey, after a lot of work I finally managed to boot my Unibeast USB Uefi Clover Stick (10.11.5) on a Skylake PC (i5 6600k, Mainboard ASUS Z170-K, GTX 970 OC, 16GB Ram) with following boot flags: maxmem=4096 -x -v nv_disable=1... Installer boots fine, selected my Hard Drive (Installing on...
  3. superpippo92

    El capitan installation Boot loop

    Hi guys, I try to install El capitan on my PC but after the first round of the installation I can't boot on my SSD as my computer keeps en rebooting. (This is a fresh installation and not an upgrade to be specific) Here is my configuration: NVIDIA GeForce GT730 Intel Core i3-4160 3,60 GHz...
  4. Travis55864

    Intel NUC5i7 no chance to shutdown or hibernate - always the system reboots

    Hello everybody, a few days ago i installed OS X 10.11.5 fresh on my nuc5i7, which is equipped with the SM951 NVME PCIe SSD. When I want to set the nuc into hibernation mode, the nuc reboots. Also when I want to shutdown the system it reboots, too. So there is no chance to shutdown the system...
  5. ehsdeveloper

    Repeat reboot on Apple logo while installing El Capitan

    i do have following specification its running Yosemite smoothly but not able to install El Capitan, I am trying to install it with verbose and it gives following screens then it keeps restarting at this points
  6. hwijegun

    stuck on first boot in El Capitan hackintosh

    Hi, So I'm facing this issue after the installation of El Capitan (10.11.2 or 10.11.1 not sure which one cause I downloaded a while ago). I managed to get the installer working by creating a UniBeast drive and then ticking USB ownership in Clover options. But after the installation was...
  7. HarmlessSaucer

    GA-Z97M-D3H reboots on Clover to installer

    Hey guys, I previously posted about an issue I am having installing El Capitan 10.11.4 on to my GA-Z97M-D3H: I've recently tried again with 10.11.5 and I'm still getting the same issue. Hardware...
  8. HarmlessSaucer

    GA-Z97M-D3H reboots on Clover to installer

    Hey guys, I previously posted about an issue I am having installing El Capitan 10.11.4 on to my GA-Z97M-D3H: I've recently tried again with 10.11.5 and I'm still getting the same issue. Hardware...
  9. grootbatavia

    Automatic reboot on power-off z170x build

    Just curious. Completed my z170x build today and with some help got it installed and running. All seems ok but a few things. To stay on topic, I have a shut down / reboot issue. If I shut the rig down, it automatically restarts after two or so seconds. I've got this singled out as a usb issue...
  10. mezter

    Problem with Rebooting

    Hey I have a Skylake build and it works great. One thing that annoys me though is that I can't reboot with usb-drives in. I need first to eject them for the computer to turn off or reboot with me manually needing to press the power button. Have anyone any solutions to this? Thank you!
  11. MisterBananaPants

    Reboot and Select proper Boot device

    Hi everyone - I'm trying to start over b/c I was having a LOT of trouble with 10.11.4 My brother (an IT guy) made me a bootable usb with latest UniBeast and El Capitan 10.11.1 (YAY!) But now new problem: • I power on and push F12 • Screen shows me an option to choose my usb boot disk. I choose...
  12. l8nit3

    Strange Issue with clover 10.10 - hackintosh

    Hello all at TonyMacX86! First, I am going to apologize, as this will likely be a fairly long post. My Hardware/Setup: -Gateway NV57H05H laptop -BIOS ONLY no uefi -6 GB ram @ 1333 Mhz -Intel second gen i3-2310m Sandy Bridge -Intel HD3000 Graphic -Intel HDA -Broadcom netlink gigabit ethernet...
  13. Wellemann

    SOLVED - Yosemite crashes / reboots - 10.10.5. possible Time Machine issue

    Hello, I am stuck with sporadic reboots during backup with my 10.10.5 hackintosh. The build runs well (iCloud, Appstore etc seems to work properly even with some error logs in the console) and the system runs properly and smooth until the late crashes that occur only when enabling Time Machine...
  14. telequillo

    Old HP Pavilion dv6 (i7-720QM) - almost everything works but need help with random reboots on boot.

    Hi everyone. I am quite new to the community and not a hackintosh expert... but somehow I manage to get my laptop running El Capitan 10.11.4, with almost everything running fine. The big issue now are the random reboots. Once the OS completely boots it can last the whole day without a reboot (so...
  15. cloud40

    Strange reboots after logging in.

    (Edit: Posted this in the wrong section, can this please be moved to Post Installation: General) I had a 120GB 840 SSD that died running Mountain Lion yesterday. I replaced it with a 250GB 850 SSD today. I managed to install El Capitan on the new SSD and can use it until I'm done if I boot...
  16. zipb

    Immediate reboot after shutdown

    Busy testing my new Z170X-UD5-TH/6700k/32GB/firmware F5 machine. Using OSX.11.4. Problem: after a shutdown, there's an immediate reboot. I've checked the usual, WOL off in BIOS, adjusted some stuff in Clover, to no avail. Anyone with a Z170X-UD5-TH/F5 that shuts down properly? Can I have a...
  17. benbumben

    Random reboots El Capitan 10.11.4 and clover

    Hi, since two weeks my machine started to randomly reboot. I cannot say when it exactly happens cause it´s sometimes under load but also when i don´t do anything at all. It´s really like someone is pulling the plug. The mouse freezes for one second and the computer seems to be without power for...
  18. jaccovdwijgaart

    El Capitan on x58 AsRock Extreme (1) reboot loop

    Hi all, I am trying to install Mac OS X El Capitan on my PC And just like with most of you it doesn't work the first time :( what it does: bios boots clover on screen i go to "Boot Mac os X from Untitled" in verbose mode it says "_" on screen for like 7 seconds Than there are a bunch of...
  19. kalmirew

    Hackintosh randomly rebooting Yosemite 10.10.3

    Hi everyone, I've built my hackintosh in February 2015. It's been very stable since then and the only minor issues I've had are the usual ones such as iMessage not working. Nothing serious. Three weeks ago, I noticed my Hackintosh had restarted. I didn't pay much attention. Yesterday, while...
  20. nimonster

    Mac reboots after shutdown/sleep but I don't want to disable WOL

    My Mac reboots after shutdown/sleep and I know turning off wake on lan would fix it, but I use wake on lan for my windows drive so I'd rather not disable it. Is there some kind of system fix or alternative?