1. SSR852

    Sudden DSP issue with Reason / Ableton after update to Mojave

    Hello all, Lately I had the fantastic idea to update my perfectly working desktop from High Sierra to Mojave and now I keep getting small issues that I’m having hard time to pinpoint as they come and go and sometime I’m not sure if it’s because of the Hackintosh or issue with drivers and Mojave...
  2. Slickademo

    Computer Crash/Reboot ?

    Z370 Gaming 7 I7 8700k 64 GB RAM Sapphire Vega 64 Samsung M.2 drive I use my hackintosh for music production. My DAW is Reason. In the middle of recording today my computer crashed/randomly rebooted. How can I troubleshoot a problem like this? No clue what could of caused a random reboot...
  3. OMA2k

    What's the "hackintosh" status of the Dell Venue 11 5130 tablet?

    Hello. I'm considering "hackintoshing" my Dell Venue 11 5130 tablet (currently using Windows 10) to use audio related programs such as Kontakt (standalone) and Reason. I intend on using a external audio interface (Novation Audiohub 2x4). What's the recommended version of OS X to install in my...
  4. silvercentrurion

    BCM94352Z not working after 6months, no reason

    Hi all ! i have a hackintosh since a will now working perfectly but since 2 days i start my computer and Wi-Fi not working anymore ! The bluethoot never works, but the wifi do, and i dont try to update my system or install new kext or whatever .... I'm running Dell Inspiron 7759, OSX El...
  5. FrankPigeons

    Problems after installing Propellerheads Reason on build with El Capitan

    After putting together my build and getting everything working I started installing software that I own. When installing Propellerheads Reason 7 the installer told me that it would install an extension used for software licensing, that's when my problems started. After installing Reason my...