rear ports

  1. dokotr

    PowerMac G5 - Custom Rear IO PCB

    Hi Gents, for my G5 mod I did custom PCB for Rear IO to achieve stock look. Build is described in this log: PowerMac G5 - Untouched Exterior Attached Gerber Files for PCB and pinout diagrams. Used connectors 3.5 Jack: ADAM TECH ASJ-5-3 Ethernet plug: AMPHENOL RJHSE-5380 USB 2.0 connector...
  2. benhurt

    How do I get USB 3.0 working on the back USB ports of my GA-Z97M-D3H build?

    USB 3.0 works on my front USB ports on my case only. Can't get the back side to work for connecting USB Hard Drives. I can connect USB flash drives and they work fine on the back ports, but powered USB hard drives do not work at all on the back. They won't mount, or run in USB 2.0 speed or...