1. anonimoculto

    Realtek RTL8111 kext leading to periodically Arris internet router reset.

    I have nowadays two hackintoshes, which work perfectly for a long time. A some time ago my internet provider (called "NET") changed my modem, installing a new one with builtin router (Arris router/modem). At that moment I was using TPLink router plugged on old modem without any problem, with all...
  2. llextic


  3. Ekingo

    [Solved] H61-P31/W8

    Hi, i got to install High Sierra, but I am not able to have the LAN working. It is a Realtek 8111E. I try all the 3 driver of Multibeast but seems nothing change. Can you please help me out? (first built so be patient!)
  4. ShinySheep

    [Solved] No network connection after running MultiBeast

    hello, When I initially installed Sierra, I had Ethernet network connectivity. However, after I run MutliBeast, I’m no longer able to make a connection. I’ve tried every network option in MB, but still not having any luck :( Can someone please offer some advice? Thanks!
  5. AthenaMusicStudio

    [Solved] Sierra clean-install on gigabyte Z68x-ud3h-b3 : network not working

    Hi to everyone. I wanted to do a clean-install of Sierra on my z68x-ud3h-b3. Almost everything is working, except the network. The system configuration network tool says "cable not plugged" (and of course the cable IS plugged, it's working with Windows 10 and with my old Yosemite install). Any...
  6. Kernfried

    LAN RTL8111 does not work on sierra 10.12.16 yet?

    Dear hackintosh community, I am a noOb in these things, but I installed Mac OS sierra today. Unfortunately I could Not install the network driver via multibeast. What do i wrong? After rebooting i still do Not get a connection to the internet. What can i do? Motherboard: GA-P55Ud3 rev: 2.0 ///...
  7. Zhbelvl

    Realtek RTL8111H Sierra trouble

    I have troubles with my network in Sierra(10.12.6) I successfully installed this kext: But my ethernet doesn't work. In system preference I see that: cable unplugged / No IP Can anyone help me? My PC: Motherboard...
  8. 10fuzzy1

    [Solved] Ethernet not working :/ Z170-HD3

    Hey everyone! I just had my Hackintosh re-installed because I dun-goofed, I got everything working except for the Ethernet, Here are my system specs Gigabyte Z170-HD3 Intel core i5-6600k 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 2666Mhz Gigabyte 1050 TI G1 Gaming 4GB Running macOS 10.12.6 So the main problem...
  9. Narek

    [SOLVED] com.insanelymac.realtekrtl8111 kernel panic

    Hi all. I'm trying to install Sierra on my Acer M4640G (Desktop), and installation holds on logo screen. By using -v flag there is an error about com.insanelymac.realtekrtl8111. I'm using UniBeast for building bootable USB.. Help me please to solve this.
  10. RubiCZ

    Ethernet cart not found

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my ethernet.. after upgrading my PC, hackintosh stopped taking my ethernet built into the motherboard (GAZ77-HD3), which means I can not use appstore or other apple services. Ethernet I do not use. I use my wifi as USB, but it is not builtin, so its ID can not fit...